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BSA R10 SE Black Pepper Pro Air Rifle Combo

BSA R10 SE Black Pepper Pro Air Rifle Combo
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When it comes to pre charge multi shot air rifles the BSA R10 SE with the stunning Black Pepper laminated stock is with out a doubt at the top it's game and by far the most popular high capacity air gun on the market. With an astonishing 250 shots in .22 and 190 in .177 it's not hard to see why.

Proudly made in Birmingham these rifles come with over 150 years of English gun making heritage behind them so its no surprise that R10 SE has become such a massive success. As with all the BSA PCP air rifles the R10 has the unique cold hammer forged barrel giving it a superior edge on accuracy that many other models struggle to match. When you combine this with the BSA regulator then you know this is a gun you can reply on to get you the best results in the field when hunting or on the range when target shooting.

The R10 SE is packed with great features including a detachable shroud on the barrel that allows you to choose the styling you prefer buy simply removing the shroud and leaving the barrel exposed with the super silent advanced VC silencer. If that was not enough for you the multi adjustable butt pad will fit you perfectly making your shooting as comfortable as possible.

The R10 air rifle is available in both standard sporter or carbine. To compliment you new gun and for you to get the most from it at a price you can afford we have matched it with a Pro Kit which we will set up and fully test for you.


R10 SE

Rifle Specification

2 x 10 shot
PCP Regulated

Whats Included

Blackline Pro: Quality 9-15” Adjustable tilting Bi-pod
R10 Se Laminate
Hawke Double screw twin sport mounts
Hawke Fast Mount + 4-16 x 50 AO - IR - MD
Bsa Silencer
Bsa Neoprene Padded Sling
Blackline Pro Deluxe Italian Rifle Hard Case

Bsa R10 Se User Manual (Bsa-R10-SE-Manual.pdf, 637 Kb) [Download]


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