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Armex Tomcat 80lb Pistol Crossbow

Armex Tomcat 80lb Pistol Crossbow
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The very latest and best version of the worlds best selling pistol crossbow based on the inovative Barnett commando pistol of the late eighties early nineties. A great cost effective way to start crossbow shooting but with the looks of a top end target crossbows. Pistol crossbows are easy to cock and simple to use but they are not toys, they can release a crossbow bolt at high speed over a good distance. Pistol crossbows require skill to achieve accuracy when crossbow target shooting as the pistol is held at arms length and no telescopic sights are used. Hitting the crossbow target is difficult but extremely satisfying. Unlike full size crossbows pistol crossbows do not require lots of energy to cock and so many crossbow bolts can be fired in a very short space of time. Unlike the current range of pistol crossbows the Tomcat MkII comes complete with a bow stringer making setting up the crossbow quick, simple and safe.- Draw Weight 80lb- Bolt Speed: 235fps
-Sturdy tough design
-Soft grip handle and trigger
-Patented ambidextrous safety system on top of the crossbow instead of next to the cable
-Anti Dry fire protection
-Bow stringer system (no more broken limbs on assembly)
-Extra long picatinny rail for mounting accessories underneath the pistol

Package Includes
Tomcat MKII Pistol
3 Plastic Bolts
Bow Stringer


I've just upgraded from an Anglo Arms Cyclone (with a red dot sight added) to the Tomcat and am very pleased! Ronnie Sunshines came out the cheapest option including postage and the bow came in about two days. The fact it comes with a stringing aid was most welcome as it was a bit of job on the Cyclone and the limb on the Tomcat is definitely a fair bit stiffer so would've been a real struggle to string without the aid. The sights that come with the bow definitely look far better than the Cyclone ones but I can't really comment as I've put my red dot sight straight on to the bow.

You can immediately tell that there's more punch just in cocking the bow when compared to the Cyclone (remember both are sold as being 80lb bows) and shooting is a pleasure with the Tomcat. Weirdly, although there's less metal involved in the Tomcat and it weighs less it actually feels more solid as it seems to be built with more attention to detail and there's just less 'slop' in the mechanisms and it just feels like a more quality item.

I've swapped the supplied foregrip for a cheap folding version from a well known auction site as the bow won't actually fit in my crossbow bag with the rigid one supplied and with the foregrip and the shoulder stock it just feels right.

I'd previously been wondering if I should've gone for a RedBack instead of the Cyclone but I'm now very glad I waited and for £10 less than the RedBack went for the Tomcat. If you're thinking of getting a pistol crossbow for fun, target practise or whatever else just don't even hesitate and get one of these!
This pistol xbow feels good and looks good. Great quality, easy to put together and a pleasure to use. Ordered within 5 minutes of 3pm deadline and it still arrived early next day. Couldn't ask for better service.
Looks good in the picture better in real life it looks like a Uzi that fires bolts not tried it yet but looks and feels quite sturdy hoping to have lots of fun target shooting with it thanks very quick delivery
I don't often get the time to write reviews, but this bow really surprised me by how good it is in many ways. I've got bows of all sizes but have always liked pistol bows for their simple usability, ability to use in smaller spaces and low cost of bolts. Despite not being aluminium some like other pistol bows, this is very strong and a lot lighter. Unlike my metal pistol bow, everything on this is a good fit and tight, no wobbles or clanks. It hits pretty hard too, and is as accurate as the bolt you use. When zeroing the sights I was getting the kind of grouping that I would expect from an air rifle. The fibre-optic sights are nice, and because of the light weight and foregrip, you can hold it really steady at arms length, which helps with accuracy. The short stock on the coking lever is a nice touch. It's too short to use with the fibre optic sights all that well, as it brings them too close to your eye, but I have now fitted a holographic sight, and the little stock works quite well with that. Not that there is anything wrong with the fibre-optic sights, they are much better than other open sights I've used, so I used them to upgrade one of my other bows. It came with a stringer for the bow too, which was welcome, making it easy to string the bow, which would be a big help to beginners or people of smaller builds. Wax was also included and some half decent bolts. This is a really great package for the cost, in fact this is very decent pistol bow regardless of price.
It's a very good crossbow for its price. It's faster than I expected and accurate. Had good fun with it. Easy to assemble.
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