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Hornet 120lb Crossbow

Hornet 120lb Crossbow
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The 120lb Hornet crossbow is a combination of fibreglass limb, aluminium barrel and plastic stock which, when combined launch 14" aluminium bolts at over 126 mph into a target of your choice. This bow measures 31" Long x 26" Wide, weighs in at 1.65kg and comes complete with two 14" bolts.

The recurve shape of the limb means that the elastic force from the cross bar is almost entirely converted into forward motion of the bolt rather than stopping short of the end of the barrel meaning that the crossbow makes full use of it's length. To make cocking this bow easier there is a foot stirrup on the front that can be used to hold the bow on the ground while the string is pulled up to the catch.
Requiring some basic assembly this bow is also strippable for easy storage and carry to and from shoot location. As a starter bow this excels because it provides a huge amount of power for a very low cost allowing the user to get a taste for the sport without any massive initial outlay.

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