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  • Airgun barrel cleaning with VFG felt pellets

    Airgun barrel cleaning with VFG felt pellets

    Using felt wads/pellets to clean an air rifles barrel reliably is super easy, first insert one of the cleaning pellets then inset a regular pellet behind it and fire into a shielded stop such as an old rag or tea towel. 


    Cleaning airgun barrels can be a funny issue and something that’s been roaring on for a Ar Rifle Cleaning Pelletssignificantly long time. A couple of individuals believe that you should scrub clean your barrel each time you shoot and if you don’t, then the barrel will soon stack up with lead resulting in gradual precision loss. Others trust that you should never at anytime clean an airgun barrel or you'll damage it beyond repair, the real truth is some place in the middle.
    The certainties show that each pellet through your barrel can leave a little store of lead as it passes, yet that isn't generally an issue. The perceived wisdom is that once a certain level has been deposited, then the accumulation tends to settle down and the barrel stabilises. Unless you change pellets, the barrel may well stay accurate for months, even years, without attention. If you swap between pellet brands the different lead alloys may not be compatible and you may need to shoot 50 to 100 pellets before a new level establishes itself.

    In case you scour the barrel clean you'll need to re-lead it before full precision is cultivated, express 25 to 50 pellets, and a considerable number individuals don't have time for this. Furthermore, bronze bore brushes can scratch and wear the fragile steel that airgun barrels are made from. Firearm and shotgun barrels are delivered utilizing significantly harder steel and can in like manner take the strong cleaning that airguns can't.
    The one time an airgun barrel must be cleaned is when water, be it rain or development, gets inside. Rust confining on the rifling will have a damaging effect - you have been warned. I like to keep a little measure of VFG felt pellets in my rifle slip that can be released behind a standard pellet, wiping and drying the barrel as they go, before I set off for home. They're furthermore my favored procedure for barrel cleaning for both pre-charged PCP pneumatics and spring/chamber guns. They can be fundamentally given up through, or pushed through, with a plastic-secured cleaning bar. Frankly, they're all I've used in the last at least a long time since I recently went over them.
    If you feel that precision has taken a dive, simply take a couple of pellets and pop a small amount of customary gun oil onto them before pushing them through the barrel with a cleaning rod or firing them through. Continue driving new dry felt pellets through until the point that they come clean and dry. This whole technique takes just five minutes, works commendable and I understand that I've done no harm to my barrels.

    Cleaning pellets can be found on our website here Air Rifle cleaning

  • A Totally Unique Xmas Gift

    A totally Unique Gift.
    A two hour Shooting Experience.

    Whats Included?

    For boys & girls aged 12 to 112.
    • 1hr Pistol Shooting
    • 1hr Rifle Shooting
    • Guns Included
    • Unlimited Ammo
    • Souvenir Targets
    • Full Tuition (if required)
    • Complementary Tea & Coffee
    • Gift Card


  • £4,520 Raised by Ronnie Sunshines for Royal British Legion


    Ronnie Sunshine's Royal British Legion Rifle Raffle Raises £4,520

    This Sunday the 11th of November is Remembrance Sunday and Armistice day. This year it commemorates 100 years since the end of the First World War. Sadly WWI was not the war to end all wars and since many of our soldiers have lost their lives or suffered physical or mental injuries serving our nation. As ever they need our help and support.

    Here at Ronnie Sunshines we decided that we would like to do something to raise money for The Royal British Legion. Chris our gunsmith at the time took up the challenge. As you can see he built the most amazing BSA Scorpion that you will ever see, not only does the air rifle look fantastic but with lots of clever internal tinkering, it shoots as well as it looks.

    Bsa Scorpion Custom

    We then called up Jamie Ransome, the Sales Director at Hawke Optics, and he kindly donated a fabulous Airmax scope and mounts to the cause, we also added in a sling, bi-pod and an air rifle hard case. As this gun is completely unique we found it very hard to put a value on it but we estimated that if you were to commission one then £3,500 might just about cover it.

    We settled on the idea of a raffle and at £20 per ticket we could not believe the response or the generosity of our customers, and we raised a staggering £4,520. To all those who brought tickets we can not thank you enough.

    Jamie drew out the lucky winner's ticket and a Mr Duncan Cooke from Abbott's Langley was totally gob-smacked on hearing he had won the air rifle, proclaiming that he had actually forgotten about it, and that this was the first time he had ever won anything! Congratulations again Duncan.

    We then spoke with our old friend Terry Doe, Editor in Chief of Airgun World Magazine. We asked him if he would be kind enough and come over and present theairgun prize to the lucky winner. Without hesitation he said it would be an absolute honour and last Thursday we all came together and Duncan was presented with his gun. Terry being the absolute gentleman that he is, spent the next couple of hours with Duncan on our gun range, imparting some of his lifetime's knowledge and experience though a one on one air rifle shooting master class.

    Please keep your eyes open for the full story in the next issue of Airgun World Magazine.

    Once again, a massive thank you for to everyone who purchased a ticket.

    Wear your Poppy with Pride.

    Lest We Forget

    We’re Here to Help

    If you would like to speak to an expert about our products or about how to use them, just give us a call on 01442 872829.

    Alternatively, send a message via Live Chat at


  • What does a regulator do for a PCP? and do you need one?

    What does a regulator do for a PCP Airgun, and do I need one?

    This is a very appropriate question right now as a number of PCP air rifle manufacturers have started offering 'regulated' versions of existing models, such as the Ultimate Sporter 'R' from Air Arms, the Compatto 'HR' from Brocock and the  Daystate Regal 'HR'. For one of these 'factory' regulated models the price is generally £100 more than that of a standard model. Of course factory fitted regulators are not new, BSA use one in their R10, Wiehrauch in the HW100, Air Arms in the FTP900 and Gallahad (and let's also not forget the Daystate MTC range of digitally regulated rifles) however these are premium products where the 'reg' is a strong selling point, and they are not 'optional'. There is also a growing offering of 'after market' regulators which can be 'DIY' retro fitted to many existing PCP models, these start from as little as £60 and are available from Huma and Robert Lane, among others.

    So what advantages will I get from a regulated rifle, do I really need one and are they worth the money?

    Before we can answer these questions we need to understand how a PCP air rifle works and then what part a regulator plays in improving it's performance. The workings of a typical PCP are outlined below, I've tried to make it as non-techi as possible.

    The reservoir is filled with compressed air that wants to get out, but when the valve (red) is closed, it's way is blocked. The air pressure on the valve presses it against the valve seat and a valve return spring inside the valve body (black) also holds the valve shut.

    When the trigger is pulled a striker (hammer) is driven forward by spring pressure and it strikes the end of the valve stem (blue), driving it forward. This opens the valve which allows the pressurized air to escape through the valve body and up into the breech, forcing the pellet down the barrel. The Valve return spring and the pressure in the reservoir then quickly close the valve again, holding it closed until the trigger is pulled again.

    When the reservoir is full and the air pressure is high, the more force is exerted on the closed valve. This force is balanced against the size of the valve, the weight of the striker and the strength of the striker spring. This balance is key to the gun delivering constant power output over it's 'sweet spot', even though the pressure in the reservoir decreases as shots are fired. When the air pressure is high, the valve opens for a shorter time (due to the greater force trying to close it) but the higher pressure forces more air through the valve. Then after some shots have been fired and the air pressure in the reservoir drops, the valve will remain open longer (as the force acting on it has now lessened) allowing a greater length of time for air (at lower pressure) to flow through. This results in the nearly same volume of air flowing through the valve in both circumstances. The exception for this is when the air pressure in the reservoir is above the optimum range for which the valve was designed (not the maximum fill pressure) as the valve closes before all the air needed for the shot can get out, or when there is insufficient pressure left in the reservoir.

    Nearly all PCP's will have a performance curve similar to this one, which results in lower POI (point of impact) before and after the 'sweet spot'

    So what does a regulator do?

    A regulator is a small device that sits in the reservoir in front of the firing valve and it regulates the air pressure going in to the valve when the trigger is pulled. It allows high-pressure air to flow into a small chamber (firing chamber) until the pressure reaches a certain level, it then closes the chamber to the reservoir. When the trigger is pulled and the firing valve opens, it releases the air from the firing chamber at the optimum pressure to suit the way the firing cycle has been tuned. As the pressure going through the valve is always the same, a PCP with a regulator shoots the pellet at a very consistent velocity and therefore produces a constant POI,  as long as there’s enough pressure left in the reservoir. When the reservoir pressure drops below the pressure that the regulator is set to work at the regulator just remains open and the gun then becomes unregulated. At this point the gun will continue to fire, although most shooters notice a change in the discharge sound when their gun is 'off reg.' Another added bonus is, as a regulator is more air efficient in the firing cycle (and in some cases they allow guns to be filled to a greater pressure) they will deliver a greater amount of shots per fill.

    There are various, differing regulator designs but in essence, they all do the same thing which is they will flatten out a PCP power curve.

    So now we know what a regulator does the question is do you need one? and are they worth the money?

    Well firstly let's not confuse 'need' with 'want'. If you are the kind of person that desires precision, wants the best, money no object, then why not. The only down side to having a regulated rifle is that servicing requires greater skill an there is a slightly greater risk of failure, not because they are unreliable, just because there is more to go wrong.

    If however you only want to spend what you need to then a regulated rifle will not help you shoot more rabbits, or massively benefit you at the plinking range (unless you want to spend slightly less time filling you air rifle). You may well consider it a necessity though or money well spent if you're competing in HFT (hunter field target) or FT (Field Target) where you need to rely on the consistency of your set up.

    Factory fit v Retro fit

    As mentioned at the start there are several companies which specialist in the manufacturing of regulators, such as, Huma and Robert Lane. You can buy directly from both, a regulator designed specifically for a given rifle which will be set accordingly to a certain pressure. Depending on your skill / bravery / available equipment and time you then can install these yourself and you will definitely get a performance lift in consistency but maybe a slight drop in power, however in our experience fitting the reg is only part of the job. To release its full potential the whole firing cycle needs to be balanced and in many cases internals (valve, spring etc) need to be modified or changed . As every rifle is slightly different this is a job that needs knowledge and experience to accomplish, and there are plenty of experts in this field, we use Dave Wellam (Airmasters) but XTX Air also have a good reputation. If you're DIY fitting you will require access to a reliable chronograph to ensure you comply with the law.

    So all things considered a factory fitted regulator that will be individually tuned and supplied with a warranty for £100 seems like excellent value. The new Air Arms Ultimate Sporter 'R' for example. The regulator takes an already fantastic rifle to another level, so why compromise.

    We currently have the following regulated models in stock.

    Air Arms: Ultimate Sporter 'R' | FTP 900 | Gallahad
    Daystate: Regal 'HR'
    BSA: R10 | Goldstar | Defiant
    Wiehrauch: HW100
    Brocock: Compatto 'HR'
    FX: Crown* | Impact* | Wildcat

    *please check for availability.


    Are complete outfits the buyers’ choice of the future?
    The editor investigates - (See Bottom for Competition)

    By Terry Doe

    This month’s Editor’s Test is a total departure, not least because I’m not actually testing an airgun. Under test this time around, is a concept, and I believe it’s an important one. Among the thousands of questions we at this magazine are asked throughout each and every year, the most frequent theme is, ‘what should I buy?’ This is entirely understandable in any equipment-based sport, and all the more so due to the mind-boggling array of hardware available to today’s airgunner.

    bsa Airgun Co The complete BSA package - just add air and pellets.

    This type of question isn’t reserved for newcomers, either. Experienced shooters can also be unsure of new developments and emerging technology, and we get plenty of long-term readers contacting us for advice, and that too is perfectly understandable, especially when assembling a complete combination.
    I’ve lost count of the times I’ve talked shooters through their entire proposed kit list; air rifle, scope, mounts, pellets and rifle case, plus all sorts of other accessories such as bipods, chronos, cleaning kits and limitless items of hunting gear. At the end of these conversations, my advice is always the same, ‘Once you’ve bought it, take all the time you need to set it all up perfectly.’ This is incredibly important, and I usually leave the person I’ve just advised with a final thought, ‘No matter how much you spend, no combination will ever serve you properly if you don’t set it up right.’

    Choosing the right gear is a massively complicated task, and getting any part of it wrong can seriously affect your success rate and therefore the amount of pleasure you get from this sport. This in turn will play its part on whether you stick with it, or not, and that is a huge driving force for me, and for anyone else who is passionate about the future of airgunning. Thus, my ears pricked up when Jim, an Airgun World reader of 15 years standing, phoned me to tell me how happy he and his mate, Tony, were after a visit to Hertfordshire airgun superstore, Ronnie Sunshines.

    James wanted a BSA R10, scope, mounts and bipod, and when he and Tony went to Ronnie Sunshines for a midweek recce, James learned about their in-store complete combo superdeals, which included an outfit that listed exactly what he needed, at a price that, according to Jim, ‘saved me a right few bob.’ Then Jim became really animated about what came next.
    After saving ‘a right few bob’, Jim was delighted to discover that the Ronnie’s deal also included a lifetime warranty and servicing for the original purchaser, plus a full day on the Gun range for himself and Tony. Jim could also have had his new outfit assembled by one of the Ronnie Sunshines’ technicians, but Jim was happy to do that himself.


    Range ready and set to make its owner believe, 'I can really do this!'

    As revealed in last month’s issue, I recently dropped in to see David Craze and his crew at Ronnie Sunshines, to see the ‘complete outfit’ deal in action. David took me through the whole ‘what the customer gets’ process, and I could see immediately what Jim and Tony were so happy about. I came away with exactly the same BSA R10SE ‘Pro Kit’ outfit Jim had bought and I thought I’d go through the components to see how well they all worked together, after which I’d study the whole concept of having your gear chosen for you. I found the process extremely interesting and it threw up a question I’d like you to help me answer. Let’s study the gear, then.



    I’ve used the BSA R10 Air rifle pretty much since it was released, and I was part of this rifle’s pre-production testing team, so I have no doubts about its performance or potential. For the few who aren’t familiar with the BSA R10, it’s a right-hand, bolt-action, fully-regulated, pre-charged pneumatic sporter that runs a removable, rotary, 10-shot magazine. It has a fully-adjustable, two-stage trigger, an oiled walnut stock with hardwood fore end tip and grip cap set off by whiteline spacers, plus a height-adjustable butt pad.

    The Hawke 4-16 x 50 AR IR is one of the versatile optics around. Good choice. .

    The R10SE is supplied from a 280cc buddy bottle that is charged with air via a push-in adaptor, and each charge should supply over 150 shots in .177 and over 200 in .22, with minimal variation throughout, thanks to that regulated action.
    BSA makes its own, cold hammer forged barrels and this version of the R10SE comes with that barrel fully shrouded and tipped with the factory’s own silencer. Accuracy is a given, and past testing produced sub-20mm groups at 45 yards in .177, using Air Arms Diabolo Field pellets. If you can outshoot a properly set up one of these, I’d surely like to meet you.

    The team at Ronnie Sunshines have matched a Hawke 4-16 x 50IR scope with Hawke mounts. Hawke does an incredible amount of in-house testing on its products, so I’d have complete confidence that this scope and mounts will complement the quality of the rifle. That 4-16 format is my personal favourite for all-round hunting use and the Hawke’s 50mm objective and illuminated reticle will take its owner round the clock, from first light stalking, through lamping trips.

    The quality of the lenses plus that 50mm objective, will see you through the day ... and night.

    The Pro Kit outfit I took away from Ronnie Sunshines includes an adjustable-height, tilting bipod, a quick-detachable, BSA sling, and a high-quality, fully-padded hard case to keep everything secure. Study this outfit from any angle you like, and there’s no doubting the quality of the hardware. Back it all up with that free servicing for life and lifetime warranty for the original purchaser, plus a full day on the range with expert advice on setting it all up, and it’s obvious why these total package deals are as popular as they are.

    Cold, hard cash is still often king of the world of airgun hardware purchasing, and the simple fact that opting for the £995 Pro Kit saves its owner a full £140 over buying the components individually. That’s an awful lot to spend on pellets or whatever. Now factor in the 0% finance deal on offer, and for many the whole complete kit thing becomes a no-brainer – but are they missing out on something very important? Let’s see.


    Jeff's an experienced, knowledgeable shooter, but he can see the attraction of the complete package.

    Like many reading this, I’m an old hand at this airgunning lark and I get great satisfaction out of browsing the pages of airgun mags and the shelves of gun shops. The process of choosing has always been a source of pleasure to me, rather than the daunting, scary phase of airgun ownership it represents for so many. Seeking views, I consulted fellow club members and friends of a shooting persuasion, and their answers genuinely surprised me. More than half didn’t share my pleasure in researching hardware choices. One chap, who I thought for certain would agree with me, said, ‘Nah, it’s a pain, all this trying to choose the right gear. The fact is, if you’ve got a lifetime’s warranty and servicing, there’s no worries if something goes wrong. I’ll take that over your ‘pleasure of choosing’ thing all day long’. There wasn’t a lot I could say in reply to that. I’d still like to know what our readers think, though. Are we missing out by letting experts select our outfits for us, or is the range of outfits on offer all the choice we need?

    I’ll finish on the angle I touched upon earlier, that making it easier for people to get properly kitted out can only benefit our sport. After researching the whole ‘complete kit’ deal, I’m more convinced than ever that it’s a good thing. For its survival and progress, our sport needs to recruit as many responsible participants as possible. As long as they’re safe, legal, and have the well-being of our sport and its participants in mind, for me it’s a case of ‘the more the merrier’.
    Smoothing the process of buying quality airgun hardware, be that by making the buyer’s choices for them, reducing the cost, offering peace of mind for the future, or providing a set-up and familiarisation service – or ideally all of these things – has absolutely no downside for those looking to get into our sport, or upgrade their commitment to it through better hardware. An easier journey will encourage more to take it, and I’m all in favour of that.

    If that ‘more easily bought’ equipment is the right gear, set up the proper way, then the odds of its successful use are raised immeasurably. There’s a magical point in any sport when someone believes ‘I really can do this!’, and those of us who reached that point will never forget it. More importantly for the sport itself, that realisation is a major factor in retaining our interest and increasing our numbers.
    The concept has been around for decades, but I believe the current complete outfit deals are offering more to our sport than ever. My only suggestion for improvement is for every outfit to also contain a flier or two for the nearest airgun club or gun range. If we could get well-equipped, properly set up shooters heading toward the airgun clubs of our nation – that really would be the dream team!

    For your chance to win one our Complete R10 Se Combos, please complete  and send the following entry form here. Competition entry form.

  • Total Package - Airgun World Article Summer 2018


    Is buying a complete outfit the best way to go? The editor investigates

    The most frequently asked questions I get at the Airgun World offices are based on ‘what should I buy?’ From Air Rifles, pistols, rifle scopes, pellets, clothing, footwear and mounts, right through cleaning products, camo gear and decoys, all the way to mozzie repellent, face veils and sling swivels. Think of a subject and we’ll have had airgunners asking advice about it, and that’s exactly how it should be, of course. Among the myriad subjects, help with choosing a rifle and scope outfit, and specifically, putting it together successfully, dominates by a factor of at least 10 to 1, and that doesn’t surprise me because it’s such an important decision. There’s so much hardware out there, too, so no wonder people need advice.

    BSA Air Rifle Combo David Craze - Ronnie Sunshines
    Just one of 12 outfits available - with more to come. Ronnie Sunshines owner, David Craze, displays the kit I'll be testing next month – and you can win it!

    Sunshines solution
    I was talking to Dave Craze, the hyper-enthusiastic owner of the Ronnie Sunshines airgun superstore, about this at the Northern Shooting Show, and he replied, “Why don’t you come over to the shop and see how we deal with that. I think you’ll be impressed.” Dave has never been backward in coming forward, but he’ll always back up what he says, so it was that on a bright June morning I found myself in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, nursing a coffee and listening to Dave’s take on how best to help airgunners to make the right choices. It turned out to be interesting stuff.

    Bsa Scorpion SE Premier Combo Kit
    Just one of 12 outfits available - with more to come.

    Give them what they need
    Dave told me, ‘We get the same sort of questions you do about choosing rifles, scopes and putting together an outfit, so we decided to create a range of pre-charged pneumatic outfits ourselves that will help as many customers as possible. Most importantly, we don’t ‘sell’ anyone anything. Our approach is to talk to them and find out exactly what would be best for their needs, budget, capabilities and aspirations, and these are entirely unique to each customer. We don’t run a ‘one size fits all’ business, here. Our sport is a personal thing, so that’s how we approach our customers’ needs. ‘Next, we do our best to provide kits comprising high quality, top value products throughout a wide price range. The fact is, some customers either don’t want to spend the best part of a grand of getting kitted out, or they simply can’t afford that much, but that shouldn’t stop them having access to an outfit that will do a great job for them. That’s why our full Air Rifle kit offers range from £599 all the way to £995, and all kits include a rifle, a quality variable-magnification scope, mounts, silencer and either a slip or a case to keep it all in'.

     Everything will be fitted to the customers needs, with plenty of expert advice as part of the package.

    Help to choose and use
    As Dave explained things, he took me on a tour of his company’s comprehensive workshop, storage and testing facilities, and when we reached the shop’s impressive indoor gun range, he continued to explain the company philosophy.

    All new kits can be expertly assembled for you at the shop’s range.

    ‘Once a customer has made the decision about which outfit is best for their needs, one of our technicians will put it all together for them, explaining how to use and care for it, and then setting up the scope to suit the customer’s build and shooting stance. Then, we help the customer zero their new rifle, making any required changes to scope position or trigger settings they may need, as well as offering advice on technique. We’re shooters, so we know that only range time will truly get a shooter and their rifle performing to their full potential, and that’s why everyone who buys a new outfit gets a full day, with a partner, on our range, to make sure they leave our shop with everything they need to make the most of what they’ve bought.’

    Aftercare for life
    Dave then showed me some of the 12, BSA Air Rifles based outfits, dubbed ‘Pro Kit’ and ‘Premier Kit’, based on BSA’s Ultra, Scorpion SE and R10 rifles in various guises, before completing his account of the new Ronnie Sunshine’s initiative.

    ‘The next thing that comes as standard with our kits, is peace of mind. Not only do the bsa kits have a full lifetime guarantee to the original purchaser, they also come with free servicing as long as the customer owns the rifle. The whole idea of this scheme is to offer the total package of expert advice tailored to the customer’s needs, a competitively-priced purchase, a set-up and testing service, and a lifelong care package. Plus they can always come in or call us for advice if they need to. As I say, this really is the total package. It’s been incredibly well received, and we’ll be expanding the range of kit options as our customers request them, so when you get those enquiries about which outfit to buy– send them here!’

    Lifetime service - with a smile
    All set up and ready to be tested on the shop’s indoor range facility - and all part of the service.

    Would it work for you?
    The combination of a dozen kit choices, plus the ability to have your kit expertly set up, then the luxury of having a whole day on a windless range to get in tune with it, backed by a service package that lasts as long as you do, has to answer many airgunners’ prayers. It would have answered mine, for sure.
    I didn’t have anything like that when I was learning this game and I know it would have been a massive advantage. On a practical note, I left Ronnie Sunshines with one of the PRO Kit packages and I’ll be testing the whole outfit next month. Not only that, we’ll be offering an identical outfit as a prize in our August and September magazines. Look out for that, then!

    Tel 01442 872 829 | AIRGUN WORLD | 71

  • BSA Pro & Premier Combo Kits Save up to 20%

    With a glorious British summertime just round the corner (we hope) what better time is there to pick up an air rifle and get outside? Here at Ronnie's we just love shooting and we're here to help you with whatever you may need. You might be an experienced shooter looking to upgrade, a complete newbie just joining the sport or maybe you're thinking of sharing your hobby with a youngster. Whatever the reason we will definitely have the right rifle and combo kit for you . There are loads of great deals and our new Premier and Pro air rifle combos are especially put together to take the hassle out of selecting the right kit and setting up your new gun.

    BSA R10 Scorpion Ultra SE PCP Air rifles air guns BSA R10 Scorpion Ultra SE PCP Air rifles air guns

    By choosing one of our BSA Air Rifles you'll be making a smart move, they've been making air rifles in Birmingham since 1905 and there is a huge amount of heritage in each and every gun. Here at Ronnie Sunshines we buy big and directly from the factory, so there is also a huge amount of value in every gun.

    All you need to do is select the rifle with combo package that is right for you, and we'll do the rest. We will set everything up for you, zero the scope and check the gun thoroughly before shipping it, and delivery is FREE to a Registered Firearms Dealer (RFD). We'll find a dealer that's convenient for you to collect it from or you can collect it directly from our Hertfordshire gun store. If you can collect in-store, we will be only to happy to give you as much guidance on using your new kit as you need.

    The BSA factory The BSA factory

    Buying from Ronnie's also comes with peace of mind thanks to our Lifetime Servicing and Lifetime Warranty Guarantee. It covers all our BSA guns, and again, it's totally FREE. We can also arrange finance for you, and in some cases, interest free credit maybe an option*. Finally if you need another reason to choose a BSA from Ronnie's how about a FULL DAY OF FREE SHOOTING FOR TWO (worth £100), on our indoor range.

    We are offering the BSA Ultra, Scorpion and the Bsa R10, three great rifles all with their own special attributes but which one is the right one for you?

    Let's look at what they have in common first. They all use the same SE action, which delivers top end performance from a lightweight 'Fast Strike Hammer' and a self regulating valve system. This action is ultra consistent, very air efficient and it delivers a nice flat power curve. Other common features are, bolt action cocking,10 shot magazines and they all have cold hammer forged barrels. These barrels are made in Birmingham and they are the envy of other manufactures. They are usually reserved for use on high grade and military firearms, BSA are the only volume manufacturer of air rifles able to use them.

    That's what they have in common but what are the differences, here's a quick comparison.

    BSA Ultra SE PCP Full Power Air Rifle BSA Ultra SE Air Rifle

    Let's start with the BSA Ultra SE. It's a perfectly balanced super carbine, designed for fast target acquisition. It's light, nimble and makes a great lightweight stalker, a super-compact ratter and it's an ideal size for use in a hide or vehicle.

    Shot Count: 50 in .22 | 40 in .177
    Overall Length: 820 mm | Weight: 2.6 kg
    Available Stock Options: ABS Black, Beech or 'Black Pepper' Laminate


    BSA Scorpion SE .22 or .177 Full Power Multi shot PCP Air rifle air gun BSA Scorpion SE .22 or .177 Full Power Multi shot PCP Air rifle air gun

    Next we have BSA Scorpion SE is the big brother to the Ultra and accordingly it has an increased shot count per fill (in fact it's doubled in .22 calibre). This increased capacity produces a longer 'sweet spot' and makes the Scorpion more suited to range work. A true carbine, Scorpions still do make a great field guns, they are wonderfully balanced and come up to the shoulder, perfectly, every time.

    Shot Count: 100 in .22 | 65 in .177
    Overall Length: 880 mm | Weight: 3.1 kg
    Available Stock Options: ABS Black, Beech, 'Black pepper' Laminate or 'soft touch' Realtree Camo

    BSA R10 SE Black .22 or .177 Full Power Multi shot PCP air rifle air gun BSA R10 SE Black .22 or .177 Full Power Multi shot PCP air rifle

    Finally the BSA R10 SE, one of the most highly regarded air rifles of recent times, it's been a constant best seller over the years. In our opinion the R10 is the go to rifle for just about every situation. It's available either as a shorter, super carbine or as a full length rifle. Both options benefit from a huge shot count and a 'regulated' power delivery, so every shot is on the money. They are also customisable with a butt pad that has both lateral and vertical adjustment and a configurable barrel shroud that can be fitted or removed as required, they also come with two magazines.

    Shot Count: 250 in .22 | 190 in .177
    Overall length: 970mm, 1020mm | Weight: 3.2kg, 3.3kg
    Available Stock Options: 'soft touch' Black or Realtree Camo | Walnut | 'Black pepper' Laminate
    Now which kit is the right one for you?

    While budget may play a part in helping you choose between our Premier and Pro be option, be assured they both offer great value. With the inclusion of a scope that features an illuminated reticle, a sling and a Bi-pod, the Pro combo should certainly be in your thoughts if a spot of hunting or pest control may be in your plans.

    The Pro combo includes a Hawke Vantage+ scope with 4-16 variable magnification, a large, light gathering 50mm adjustable objective lens and an illuminated, mil-dot reticle. It produces a bright clear image and it is correctable for parallax (essential for accurate shooting at air gun distances).

    Hawke vantage + 4-16 x 50 AO IR MD Hawke vantage + 4-16 x 50 AO IR MD

    The illuminated reticle is really useful when out at dusk or dawn or when using a lamp. Also essential in the field is a quality moderator and the BSA VC silencer has been especially optimised to work with BSA guns. Any rifle supplied with a Pro combo also comes with stock studs fitted, allowing the use of a bi-pod and/or a sling. To keep your aim steady when on uneven ground we have included a tilt capable bi pod with (9-15'') adjustable legs. And to make carrying your rifle easy while covering acres of land the included neoprene sling is a wide, padded, and fitted with quick detachable fastenings. The sling also looks great, proudly carrying the BSA logo and badge. To keep all your new kit together, safe and protected, at home or in transit there is no better case for the money than our Blackline hard case. Made in Italy they are deeply padded, ridiculously tough and for security they feature steel bar hinges and two locking points.

    Ronnie's Pro Kit includes..

    Hawke Vantage+ 4-16x50 AO IR
    Hawke double screw mounts
    BSA Variable Choke (VC) ½'' UNF silencer
    Adjustable (9-15''), tilting Bi-pod
    BSA sling fitted with QD swivels
    Blackline Rifle Hard Case

    BSA R10 SE PCP Air Rifle Air gun .22 or .177 Pro Kit BSA R10 SE Walnut .22 or .177 Pro Kit

    Your Alternative option is the Premier combo which includes a BSA Essential Mil-Dot (EMD) scope. This cracking little scope has a 44mm adjustable objective lens and a variable magnification range of 4-12x. It has a really low profile and when fitted with the Hawke double screw mounts it sits wonderfully close to the barrel. The image it produces cannot be beaten for the price and it's ideal for daytime range work, plinking or pest control. The Premier combo also includes the BSA VC silencer and a Black rifle slip with grey trim that again proudly carries the BSA log and badge.

    Ronnie's Premier Kit includes..

    BSA EMD 4-12x44 AO
    BSA Double Screw Scope Mounts
    BSA Variable Choke (VC) ½'' UNF silencer
    BSA Logo'd Rifle Slip

    BSA R10 SE Full power PCP Air Rifle Air Gun .22 or .177 Premier Kit BSA R10 SE Walnut Full power PCP Air Rifle .22 or .177 Premier Kit

    So three great guns available with two great combo kits from one great shop..what's stopping you, order today.

    BSA Air Rifle BSA made in England by Brums
  • BSA History & Some Real 'Cheeky Blinders'

    If you're already considering parting with some of your 'hard earned' for a BSA, PCP air rifle then you'll probably appreciate that you are going to get an air gun of great pedigree and heritage.

    The BSA factory has recently gained popular notoriety due to the references made to it it the British television crime drama, Peaky Blinders but it's own long history is a story worthy of telling..

    BSA Lincoln Jeffries Lincoln Jeffries

    The BSA (Birmingham Small Arms) tale begins in 1861 when the company was founded with the specific aim of manufacturing guns 'using machinery' and they've been making quality firearms ever since. In 1905 they produced their first air rifle, The Lincoln Jeffries, and they have not stopped to this day, with the exceptions being, in times of war.

    During WWII, BSA were responsible for producing 50% of the small arms used by the British Forces including, 1¼ million Lee Enfield rifles and over ½ million Browning machine guns. The bravery and commitment of their workforce at this time cannot be questioned -the factory was bombed 3 times and in 1940, 53 employees lost their lives and 30 suffered serious injuries attempting to keep our boys in the fight.

    Today BSA still manufacture air rifles in the same factory on Armoury Road and they still employ skilled engineers who produce the same great results. They are also the only volume manufacturer of air rifles to use Cold Hammer Forged Barrels. These barrels are made on site and are usually reserved for use in high grade and military firearms.

    For many years Ronnie Sunshines have enjoyed a special relationship with BSA which has resulted in some great collaborations including the RS Fieldmaster and the amazingly well received, RS Platinum. This close tie occasionally throws up opportunities for something out of the ordinary to happen which is how we have come to have these especially 'Cheeky Blinders' to offer.

    We have a very limited selection of  BSA Scorpion and Ultra SE's that are furnished with a luxurious 'Black Pepper' Laminate stock, supplied by Minelli in Italy. They look great and will stand out on the range or at the club, they also represent your chance to own a rifle that is as rare as it is eye catching.

    Ultra SE Air Rifle Bsa Ultra SE Laminate - Black Pepper Stock

    The Ultra SE-Black Pepper is a perfectly balanced super carbine, designed for fast target acquisition. It makes a great lightweight stalker, super-compact ratter and an ideal hide rifle. In short the Ultra is built to take your sporting shooting to the next level. The laminate stocks we have used on these models not only make the gun visually superior but they also have a longer fore-end than a standard Ultra stock. This gives you more room to get to comfortable with this compact rifle while also offering the cylinder a little more protection. It also makes the Ultra better suited to the fitting of studs that allow the addition of a bi-pod or sling, as the front stud can be positioned much further forward.

    Scorpion Air Rifle Combo Deal Bsa Scorpion Se Laminate Combo

    The Scorpion SE-Black Pepper is the bigger brother to the Ultra. Built on the same excellent action, the Scorpion is a true carbine. The advantage it has over an Ultra is it's increased shot count per fill, which is nearly doubled in .22 calibre. This increased range produces a longer 'sweet spot' and makes the Scorpion more suited to range work, its still makes a great field gun though. The Scorpion's barrel is 85mm longer and the rifle weighs 500g more however, it still retains true balance and it comes up to the shoulder, perfectly, every time

    We are offering both of these rifles as 'gun only' or they can be paired with a wide selection of scope and cases options that will deliver you great savings. They are also available in a complete combo deal, these are fully loaded, ready to go and will save you a packet.

    What stock we have won't last long so get yours today  -

  • Night Vision Explained

    Here at Ronnie Sunshines we are deeply involved in most shooting sports, with each of us having a particular field of expertise from HFT, shotguns, Rimfire, centrefire to range plinking. Here I'm going to call on experience to throw some light on the popular Night Vision options that are available today.

    There are many great products from which to choose right now as technology is getting better and  retail prices are becoming more competitive. So how do you decide which is the right option for you?

    Operating Range: at what range do you want to operate? There are relatively inexpensive systems which will preform well between 50-100 yards that are perfect for sub 12ft/lb air rifles such as the Pulsar Challenger or the Nitesite Viper. However you might want to 'future proof' or already use a FAC airgun or rimfire in which case the Nitesite Wolf, Yukon Photon, ATN Excite and the AC Night Stalker will give you more range. With the exception of the Nitesite range upgrading to a higher power IR illuminator will boost performance but this can cost over £100. You must also consider if you want to view your quarry at high or variable magnification.

    Digital v image intensifier systems: The digital revolution has really opened up NV to the masses as it has advantages over Image intensifiers. All digital systems can be used in the daylight if you wish, which means you don't have to dedicate one rifle for night use, however, the daytime image will be compromised compared with a tradition rifle scope. Image Intensifying tubes can be damaged by daylight. This is a massive consideration however they produce images with more depth and clarity and they do not suffer from processing lag. Intensifiers are also considerably more expensive and must be used carefully to avoid damage, even at night. Digital images are also very easy to record, share and save and as digital systems use a processor they generally come with a whole host of added functionality (which you may or may not need).

    Dedicated Optical system or scope conversion: scope conversion systems such as the Nite Site range, the AC Night Stalker and the Pulsar Challenger are convenient to set up, allowing you to switch between day/night and from one gun to another. The compromise here comes in shooting position which is either 'heads up' or with your head a long way back on the stock. Front fitting digital systems are getting a lot better, look out for the Yukon Pulsar Forward F135 / F155 in the new year, costing around £1000. The ATN excite is a dedicated system but designed to easily switch between different rifles using a picatinny rail system and recorded ballistic profiles, that make re-zeroing redundant.

    Budget: If money is no object then skip this section but if not then please remember to factor in an  additional IR torch upgrade and mounting system. Other costs include batteries, chargers, battery packs, mounts and SD cards. Here at Ronnie Sunshines we offer 0% finance so nothing is out of range.

    Use our quick comparison table below to narrow down your options then come into the shop and see us for a chat and if possible a demonstration.





    Range Recording Price
    Nite Site Viper Digital Yes 100 yards No £399.00
    Nite Site Viper RTEK Digital Yes 100 yards Yes £599.00
    Pulsar Challenger Intensifier Yes 70 yards

    (with IR Upgrade)

    No £249


    AC Night Stalker Digital Yes 200 yards No £249.00
    Yukon Photon

    (4.6x42) or (6.5x50)

    Digital No 200 yards

    (with IR Upgrade)

    Optional From £399
    Nite Site Wolf Digital Yes 300 yards No £599.00
    Nite Site Wolf RTEK Digital Yes 300 yards Yes £799.00
    ATN Excite II

    (3-14x50) or (5-20x85)

    Digital HD No 200 yards Yes From


    Nite Site Eagle Digital Yes 500 yards No £799.00
    Nite Site Eagle RTEK Digital Yes 500 yards Yes £999.00
  • 2017 Nitesite & Hawke Open Evening

    Following the success of last year's Nite Site Demo evening here at Ronnie Sunshines we have had to work hard to make this years even better.

    On Wednesday the 29th between 4pm and 8pm at our Berkhamsted store the guys from Nite Site will be here with their units set up on our darked 20m, indoor range for you to try out. There will be the best sellers for you to try such as the Viper, the new Rtek recordable systems and the scope mounted range finder..which is awesome at night.

    10% Discount on all Nite Site NV units on the night and over the weekend.

    The Nite Site team will also be joined by a representative from or friends at Hawke Optics who will be available to talk all things telescopic. There will be plenty of demo units to try including the Airmax and sidewinder ranges.

    10% Discount on all Hawke Airmax and Sidewinders on the night and over the weekend.

    And that's not all.. our demo rifles for this event will be provided by FX airguns of Sweden and will include their amazing Impact and the new Streamline.

    Just to round things off the shop will be open for a bit of late night shopping and we will be here to indulge you in all things airgun related, we'll even make you a coffee.

    See you there.

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