• Gamo Phox - Complete Starter PcP Air Rifle Kit 03/08/16

    Gamo Phox - Complete Starter PcP Air Rifle Kit

    Since the 1960’s Gamo has been making a name for itself as a high quality air gun manufacturer. This year, 2016, they have added to this legacy with the release of the all new Phox Rifle, which is ...
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  • Daystate Renegade 01/08/16

    Daystate Renegade

    As the saying goes, “Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple.” Daystate’s Renegade then, is just that; genius. If it weren’t for a new hunter-friendly green c...
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  • Fieldmaster Special Edition BSA R10 2016 21/07/16

    Fieldmaster Special Edition BSA R10 2016

    The start of the year is always a busy time for me as the buyer for Ronnie Sunshines as there are two major international trade shows to attend. The first is the Shot Show in Las Vegas, held in...
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  • Bindi (Ronnie Sunshines Shop Assistant) 01/04/16

    Bindi (Ronnie Sunshines Shop Assistant)

    Hello, for those of you who do not know me, my name is Bindi, I am a Hungarian Vizsla (Pronounced Vishla) and I work at Ronnie Sunshines in Berkhamsted. I am the Customer Greetings Assistant. I liv...
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  • Massai  Warrior Trip 2016 18/03/16

    Massai Warrior Trip 2016

    Five years ago Jason Ingamells of Woodland Ways Bushcraft & Survival became aware of the plight of the Maasia tribes people of the Rift Valley in Kenya, who due to the lack of education and t...
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  • Walther RS Maxus Air Rifle Kit 05/03/16

    Walther RS Maxus Air Rifle Kit

    We love to create a 'special' here at Ronnie's, they give us an opportunity to use our years of experience and enthusiasm for air guns to bring something slightly different to the market. Some of...
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