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A picture says a thousand words....

A picture says a thousand words....

Hi again.

Cant believe how little time has passed and how much has been done; it feels like I've accidentally walked into another warehouse recently! We've had to get in extra help just to help with the stock so it's been like a scene out of DIY SOS!

As they say... a picture says a thousand words. So here are a coouple of pics to help show you the goings on for this week.

Cast Iron Mountain

Moving this little lot nearly killed us - plus this is only half the stock of cast iron! With space in the warehouse and time before the racking came in; we managed to haul the various dutch oven equipment from the unit we were renting into our own store. Finally; it's been a long time since we have been able to store all the stock together and what a sight it was (If you wouldn't mind ordering some of it now that would be great :P) Shortly after we got all of the racking installed; much to the delight of Mark our warehouseman who now has a whole area to himself (and his Ray Mears cut out!)

Half a range

The biggest improvement this week was definitely the warehouse however, as soon as you move upstairs you cant help but notice that a gun range has appeared. This is only half the range as the breeze block wall needs to be punched out so what you see now will be shortly double in side.

Next week sees a lot of electrics, more focus on the shop and finishing the range. We were all in over the weekend lending a hand; so very pleased at how much we have managed to achieve in such a short space of time. Roll on next week.

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