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Air Arms Galahad Bullpup Air Rifle

Air Arms Galahad Bullpup Air Rifle

The eagerly anticipated Air Arms Galahad has just started hitting the shelves, with its unique cocking and loading system, that super stable handling, and the proven accuracy of the Air Arms pre-charged powerplant and barrel this Galahad is set to mount quite a charge on the best-sellers charts! Galahad Cocking SystemBased on the popular bull pup design, the Galahad is fully ambidextrous and features a forward-mounted cocking lever which enables the shooter to cock the rifle with very little body movement. This means your eyes never have to leave the target as you prep follow up shots; an advantage for both the hunter and precision target shooter.

The Galahad is available in three different bodies/stocks: Walnut, Beech and Soft Touch Rubberized. Each of which gives the rifle a distinct look and all of which form the foundation for a multi-axis adjustable butt pad. The butt pad’s ability to adjust up, down, right and left as well as the option of adding additional spacers means that the Galahad can conform to fit the individual shooter.

The Galahad is available in two calibres, .22 and .177; two lengths, Rifle with a 493.5mm barrel and Carbine with a 395mm barrel; and regulated or unregulated. These variations, combined with the three choices of stock material and adjustable butt pad, mean that the shooter can select and then adjust a Galahad to fit their specific needs, preferences and comfort.

Regardless of preferred options, each Galahad features a 10-shot magazine, adjustable two-stage trigger and a dovetail scope rail. The Galahad is certainly not a budget air rifle but for those who need a quality rifle to fit a variety of purposes, the Galahad is an excellent choice.

You can view the Galahad Models on our website here;

Galahad Tactical Bullpup

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