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BSA History & Some Real 'Cheeky Blinders'

BSA History & Some Real 'Cheeky Blinders'

If you're already considering parting with some of your 'hard earned' for a BSA, PCP air rifle then you'll probably appreciate that you are going to get an air gun of great pedigree and heritage.

The BSA factory has recently gained popular notoriety due to the references made to it it the British television crime drama, Peaky Blinders but it's own long history is a story worthy of telling..

BSA Lincoln Jeffries Lincoln Jeffries

The BSA (Birmingham Small Arms) tale begins in 1861 when the company was founded with the specific aim of manufacturing guns 'using machinery' and they've been making quality firearms ever since. In 1905 they produced their first air rifle, The Lincoln Jeffries, and they have not stopped to this day, with the exceptions being, in times of war.

During WWII, BSA were responsible for producing 50% of the small arms used by the British Forces including, 1¼ million Lee Enfield rifles and over ½ million Browning machine guns. The bravery and commitment of their workforce at this time cannot be questioned -the factory was bombed 3 times and in 1940, 53 employees lost their lives and 30 suffered serious injuries attempting to keep our boys in the fight.

Today BSA still manufacture air rifles in the same factory on Armoury Road and they still employ skilled engineers who produce the same great results. They are also the only volume manufacturer of air rifles to use Cold Hammer Forged Barrels. These barrels are made on site and are usually reserved for use in high grade and military firearms.

For many years Ronnie Sunshines have enjoyed a special relationship with BSA which has resulted in some great collaborations including the RS Fieldmaster and the amazingly well received, RS Platinum. This close tie occasionally throws up opportunities for something out of the ordinary to happen which is how we have come to have these especially 'Cheeky Blinders' to offer.

We have a very limited selection of  BSA Scorpion and Ultra SE's that are furnished with a luxurious 'Black Pepper' Laminate stock, supplied by Minelli in Italy. They look great and will stand out on the range or at the club, they also represent your chance to own a rifle that is as rare as it is eye catching.

Ultra SE Air Rifle Bsa Ultra SE Laminate - Black Pepper Stock

The Ultra SE-Black Pepper is a perfectly balanced super carbine, designed for fast target acquisition. It makes a great lightweight stalker, super-compact ratter and an ideal hide rifle. In short the Ultra is built to take your sporting shooting to the next level. The laminate stocks we have used on these models not only make the gun visually superior but they also have a longer fore-end than a standard Ultra stock. This gives you more room to get to comfortable with this compact rifle while also offering the cylinder a little more protection. It also makes the Ultra better suited to the fitting of studs that allow the addition of a bi-pod or sling, as the front stud can be positioned much further forward.

Scorpion Air Rifle Combo Deal Bsa Scorpion Se Laminate Combo

The Scorpion SE-Black Pepper is the bigger brother to the Ultra. Built on the same excellent action, the Scorpion is a true carbine. The advantage it has over an Ultra is it's increased shot count per fill, which is nearly doubled in .22 calibre. This increased range produces a longer 'sweet spot' and makes the Scorpion more suited to range work, its still makes a great field gun though. The Scorpion's barrel is 85mm longer and the rifle weighs 500g more however, it still retains true balance and it comes up to the shoulder, perfectly, every time

We are offering both of these rifles as 'gun only' or they can be paired with a wide selection of scope and cases options that will deliver you great savings. They are also available in a complete combo deal, these are fully loaded, ready to go and will save you a packet.

What stock we have won't last long so get yours today  -

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