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BSA Pro & Premier Combo Kits Save up to 20%

BSA Pro & Premier Combo Kits Save up to 20%

With a glorious British summertime just round the corner (we hope) what better time is there to pick up an air rifle and get outside? Here at Ronnie's we just love shooting and we're here to help you with whatever you may need. You might be an experienced shooter looking to upgrade, a complete newbie just joining the sport or maybe you're thinking of sharing your hobby with a youngster. Whatever the reason we will definitely have the right rifle and combo kit for you . There are loads of great deals and our new Premier and Pro air rifle combos are especially put together to take the hassle out of selecting the right kit and setting up your new gun.

BSA R10 Scorpion Ultra SE PCP Air rifles air guns BSA R10 Scorpion Ultra SE PCP Air rifles air guns

By choosing one of our BSA Air Rifles you'll be making a smart move, they've been making air rifles in Birmingham since 1905 and there is a huge amount of heritage in each and every gun. Here at Ronnie Sunshines we buy big and directly from the factory, so there is also a huge amount of value in every gun.

All you need to do is select the rifle with combo package that is right for you, and we'll do the rest. We will set everything up for you, zero the scope and check the gun thoroughly before shipping it, and delivery is FREE to a Registered Firearms Dealer (RFD). We'll find a dealer that's convenient for you to collect it from or you can collect it directly from our Hertfordshire gun store. If you can collect in-store, we will be only to happy to give you as much guidance on using your new kit as you need.

The BSA factory The BSA factory

Buying from Ronnie's also comes with peace of mind thanks to our Lifetime Servicing and Lifetime Warranty Guarantee. It covers all our BSA guns, and again, it's totally FREE. We can also arrange finance for you, and in some cases, interest free credit maybe an option*. Finally if you need another reason to choose a BSA from Ronnie's how about a FULL DAY OF FREE SHOOTING FOR TWO (worth £100), on our indoor range.

We are offering the BSA Ultra, Scorpion and the Bsa R10, three great rifles all with their own special attributes but which one is the right one for you?

Let's look at what they have in common first. They all use the same SE action, which delivers top end performance from a lightweight 'Fast Strike Hammer' and a self regulating valve system. This action is ultra consistent, very air efficient and it delivers a nice flat power curve. Other common features are, bolt action cocking,10 shot magazines and they all have cold hammer forged barrels. These barrels are made in Birmingham and they are the envy of other manufactures. They are usually reserved for use on high grade and military firearms, BSA are the only volume manufacturer of air rifles able to use them.

That's what they have in common but what are the differences, here's a quick comparison.

BSA Ultra SE PCP Full Power Air Rifle BSA Ultra SE Air Rifle

Let's start with the BSA Ultra SE. It's a perfectly balanced super carbine, designed for fast target acquisition. It's light, nimble and makes a great lightweight stalker, a super-compact ratter and it's an ideal size for use in a hide or vehicle.

Shot Count: 50 in .22 | 40 in .177
Overall Length: 820 mm | Weight: 2.6 kg
Available Stock Options: ABS Black, Beech or 'Black Pepper' Laminate


BSA Scorpion SE .22 or .177 Full Power Multi shot PCP Air rifle air gun BSA Scorpion SE .22 or .177 Full Power Multi shot PCP Air rifle air gun

Next we have BSA Scorpion SE is the big brother to the Ultra and accordingly it has an increased shot count per fill (in fact it's doubled in .22 calibre). This increased capacity produces a longer 'sweet spot' and makes the Scorpion more suited to range work. A true carbine, Scorpions still do make a great field guns, they are wonderfully balanced and come up to the shoulder, perfectly, every time.

Shot Count: 100 in .22 | 65 in .177
Overall Length: 880 mm | Weight: 3.1 kg
Available Stock Options: ABS Black, Beech, 'Black pepper' Laminate or 'soft touch' Realtree Camo

BSA R10 SE Black .22 or .177 Full Power Multi shot PCP air rifle air gun BSA R10 SE Black .22 or .177 Full Power Multi shot PCP air rifle

Finally the BSA R10 SE, one of the most highly regarded air rifles of recent times, it's been a constant best seller over the years. In our opinion the R10 is the go to rifle for just about every situation. It's available either as a shorter, super carbine or as a full length rifle. Both options benefit from a huge shot count and a 'regulated' power delivery, so every shot is on the money. They are also customisable with a butt pad that has both lateral and vertical adjustment and a configurable barrel shroud that can be fitted or removed as required, they also come with two magazines.

Shot Count: 250 in .22 | 190 in .177
Overall length: 970mm, 1020mm | Weight: 3.2kg, 3.3kg
Available Stock Options: 'soft touch' Black or Realtree Camo | Walnut | 'Black pepper' Laminate
Now which kit is the right one for you?

While budget may play a part in helping you choose between our Premier and Pro be option, be assured they both offer great value. With the inclusion of a scope that features an illuminated reticle, a sling and a Bi-pod, the Pro combo should certainly be in your thoughts if a spot of hunting or pest control may be in your plans.

The Pro combo includes a Hawke Vantage+ scope with 4-16 variable magnification, a large, light gathering 50mm adjustable objective lens and an illuminated, mil-dot reticle. It produces a bright clear image and it is correctable for parallax (essential for accurate shooting at air gun distances).

Hawke vantage + 4-16 x 50 AO IR MD Hawke vantage + 4-16 x 50 AO IR MD

The illuminated reticle is really useful when out at dusk or dawn or when using a lamp. Also essential in the field is a quality moderator and the BSA VC silencer has been especially optimised to work with BSA guns. Any rifle supplied with a Pro combo also comes with stock studs fitted, allowing the use of a bi-pod and/or a sling. To keep your aim steady when on uneven ground we have included a tilt capable bi pod with (9-15'') adjustable legs. And to make carrying your rifle easy while covering acres of land the included neoprene sling is a wide, padded, and fitted with quick detachable fastenings. The sling also looks great, proudly carrying the BSA logo and badge. To keep all your new kit together, safe and protected, at home or in transit there is no better case for the money than our Blackline hard case. Made in Italy they are deeply padded, ridiculously tough and for security they feature steel bar hinges and two locking points.

Ronnie's Pro Kit includes..

Hawke Vantage+ 4-16x50 AO IR
Hawke double screw mounts
BSA Variable Choke (VC) ½'' UNF silencer
Adjustable (9-15''), tilting Bi-pod
BSA sling fitted with QD swivels
Blackline Rifle Hard Case

BSA R10 SE PCP Air Rifle Air gun .22 or .177 Pro Kit BSA R10 SE Walnut .22 or .177 Pro Kit

Your Alternative option is the Premier combo which includes a BSA Essential Mil-Dot (EMD) scope. This cracking little scope has a 44mm adjustable objective lens and a variable magnification range of 4-12x. It has a really low profile and when fitted with the Hawke double screw mounts it sits wonderfully close to the barrel. The image it produces cannot be beaten for the price and it's ideal for daytime range work, plinking or pest control. The Premier combo also includes the BSA VC silencer and a Black rifle slip with grey trim that again proudly carries the BSA log and badge.

Ronnie's Premier Kit includes..

BSA EMD 4-12x44 AO
BSA Double Screw Scope Mounts
BSA Variable Choke (VC) ½'' UNF silencer
BSA Logo'd Rifle Slip

BSA R10 SE Full power PCP Air Rifle Air Gun .22 or .177 Premier Kit BSA R10 SE Walnut Full power PCP Air Rifle .22 or .177 Premier Kit

So three great guns available with two great combo kits from one great shop..what's stopping you, order today.

BSA Air Rifle BSA made in England by Brums
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