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Campfire Kettles

Campfire Kettles

Hart KettleWhen the door went and we spotted a large delivery van at the front, we could have won a gold medal for how quick we ran to the front!! (Take note team GB!!) We have been waiting absolutely AGES for this shipment of Campfire Kettles and finally our delivery straight from South Africa had arrived!!

The guys at Hart make these awesome camp kettles and we simply cant get enough of them. We have one that we always
take out when camping, on our bushcraft courses, trekking or playing with our Frontier Stove - it's two years old,
very heavily used and amazingly still looks fresh out of the box.

There are various different kettles on the market but we cannot recommend these anymore highly. The range of
campfire kettles that Hart make come in four different sizes; 2.5l, 5l, 7.5l and a massive 10l capacity. Meaning the range can cater from a sole explorer to a large Scout gathering. The camp fire kettles are amazingly lightweight and still suprisingly robust (even when little Ron dropped one from a height onto the rocks below a couple of weeks ago it bounced back unscathed).
Camp Fire Kettle
Sturdily made to last, you will buy one of these once and once only. (unless of course you want a different size)
The main body of the camp fire kettle is made from medium guage alluminium with a specially designed non-drip
spout for safety, a steel lid and ergonomical handles that are produced from powder coated steel. There's no
cheap finish to these either - all parts are riveted / welded on and rigorously tested to ensure they last.

We love selling these Campfire Kettles, and are one of the few trusted UK suppliers who actually are given
stock to do so. We can whole heartedly recommend these to you as keen fans of the product we always have one
on hand - even as a back up to our leccy kettle in the office! So all in all, Whether out and about, in the
garden, on a course, foraging or camping - you simply cannot go wrong with one of these bits of essential kit.

Next time you go to make a brew make sure it's in one of these bad boys Here!

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