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Camping in the Aylesbury Vale

Camping in the Aylesbury Vale

After great weeked camping in the Aylesbury Vale I thought i'd share some pictures I took along with the feast we russled up all cooked in a dutch oven. Two boned and roled legs of lamb , stuffed with garlic and rosemary, on a bed of onions choped in half with half a bottle of port.


I have found that linning your dutch oven with foil makes it much easier to clean. This dutch oven is the 8ltr size which is perfect for cooking roast it's deeper. Available from our web site here

Cook for about 1hr then chuck in a load of new potatoes these will cook in the port and meat juices. Cook for another half hour or so.

And there you have it, succulent lamb roasted to perfection! This dish is seriously tasty, the lamb just falls apart and great served with the new potatos, caramelized onions and gravy juice. YUM YUM


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