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Daystate Renegade

Daystate Renegade

As the saying goes, “Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple.”
Daystate’s Renegade then, is just that; genius.

If it weren’t for a new hunter-friendly green color option and a missing LCD in the stock it would be all too easy to mistake the Renegade for Daystate’s flagship Pulsar. That’s because Daystate has taken many of the features that made the Pulsar such a great rifle and trimmed them down into a simpler, more affordable option: T
he Daystate Renegade.

The Renegade utilizes the same barrel, chassis and manual cross bar safety catch as the Pulsar but differs significantly in its firing mechanism. Daystate has replaced the Pulsars electronic Gun Control Unit (GCU) and map-compensated firing cycle with a Harper-patented Slingshot Hammer valve system. A key change that greatly reduces the Renegade’s complexity and price.

Additionally, to overcome the traditional mechanical bullpup less-than-ideal trigger release issues, Daystate has developed a first of its kind mechanical/electronic Hybrid Trigger Unit (HTU). The HTU runs on the common PP3 battery and provides the Renegade with an electronic air rifle-like trigger release in a mechanically driven bullpup.

Weighing in at 3.8 Kg with an overall length of 760mm, the mechanical Renegade feels very similar to the Pulsar but costs over £300 less. This means that Daystate bullpups are no longer only for the air rifle elite, but also for us weekend warriors.

The Renegade may not have all the electronic features of the Pulsar but it is certainly a step forward. Instead of packing on more and more gadgets in pursuit of an even better electronic air rifle, Daystate has taken a practical step toward the mechanical that opens the door for more shooters to own and experience a high quality bullpup air rifle.

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