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Dutch Oven Recipe: Pigeon Pie | Ronnie Sunshines

Dutch Oven Recipe: Pigeon Pie | Ronnie Sunshines

I thought I would push the boat out a bit and try something new that I have never done before. So with some help from Mark Johnson, a friend of Ronnie’s, I baked me a pigeon pie and I have to say it was truly scrumptious and well worth the extra bit of effort. I did do a bit of a cheat and brought the pastry but if you're up to the task them it would be nice to make your own.

The first thing you will need to do is shoot four wood pigeons if you don't have a gun then any good independent local butcher will be able to get them for you.

For this recipe you will only need the breast meat, there are a few different ways to remove it with plenty of footage online so give it a go. But if you don't feel up to it then your butcher will do it for you, just ask.

Breasts from 4 wood pigeons diced.
6 rashers of smoked back bacon chopped up a bit.
1 large onion chopped as you like it.
1 large carrot sliced or diced up to you.
2 Large portobello mushrooms chopped.
Salt & pepper to taste.
Mixed dry herbs a generous sprinkle.
Veg stock cube crumbled.
A good splash of red wine, port or both what ever you fancy.
6 juniper berry's crushed.
1Egg, roughly beaten.
Table spoon of corn flour mixed with a bit of cold water.
Short crust pastry enough for the base and the lid, I needed two packs for an 8” dish.
(this will leave enough to make a pretty pattern on the top)
Cooking oil veg or olive it really don't matter which.

3 pebbles
8” pie dish or deep oven proof plate
8 ltr Dutch oven
Large frying pan


Heat up the frying pan add a glug of oil and fry the bacon and onions for about 5 mins. Add the pigeon and continue to fry until it starts to brown. Then add a good few glugs of wine or port and bung in the carrots, mushrooms, salt pepper, herbs, stock cube, juniper berry’s and give it all a good stir.

Leave on a low heat to cook for about 10 -15 minutes. If you have a lid, pop it on the pan (your Dutch Oven lid should do the job).

While that lot's cooking, take your pie dish, give it a light coating of oil and line with the pastry, trimming the edges off. Go back to the frying pan and take a peak, you will want enough juice in the pan to make a nice pie gravy. If it looks a bit dry just add some more wine or water and mix it in, I like mine thick, so at this point take the frying pan of the the heat and add the corn flour stirring it in.

Now place all the pie filling into the lined pie dish (or as much as you can get in), brush the pastry around the rim with the beaten egg and place the pastry top on to cover the filling. Gently push the rim edges together to seal them and, if you fancy, decorate the lid with the left over pastry. Lightly brush the with the left over egg this will give it a nice shiny finish when baked.

Place 3 pebbles in the the bottom of your Dutch Oven and place the pie on top, this will allow air to circulate under the base preventing it from burning and help it to bake more evenly. Place the lid on your Dutch Oven. Place the Dutch Oven on some hot coals and place some more hot coals on the lid go easy with them as we don’t want the oven super hot as the pastry will burn.


The cooking time is around about and hour or until the pastry is nice and golden brown. Enjoy...


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