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Fidget (Ronnie Sunshines Shop Assistant)

Fidget (Ronnie Sunshines Shop Assistant)

Hello, for those of you who do not know me, my name is Fidget, I am a Hungarian Vizsla (Pronounced Vishla) and I work at Ronnie Sunshines in Berkhamsted. I am the Customer Greetings Assistant. I live with my human (Chris, the Gunsmith) near Hertford.

Bindi DogI love going out on walks in the fields, Chris has shown me how to hunt and point, and we have lots of fun. When we were first together and getting to know each other I was not happy with all the noise that guns make, but with lots of reassurance and encouragement from Chris and his friends I no longer worry. When I am at work he has to go up on to the firing range quite a lot, I always go with him just to make sure he does things right up there. (You can’t be too careful with guns you know) Obviously there can be a lot of noise going on but I am not frightened one bit.

My first job of the day when I arrive is to jump about the shop saying hello to all my work colleagues, making lots of noise and sometimes being a bit (OK a lot) of a pest, which I am embarrassed to say has upset David (he is the big boss human) in the shop once or twice. Sorry David but I do get a bit exited once in a while. Once all that is over I can get down to the serious job of saying hello to every customer that comes in. I was a bit nervous when I started work at the shop but now I like to talk to just about everyone. Some customers come in and bring me treats, I like that a lot. Mostly I work in the shop with Tom and my human, sometimes Matt, customer relations and Mike who runs the warehouse come in to see me as do Neil, Peter and of course David. Working here is lots of fun and when we go home I am hungry and very tired. After all I am on my feet all day! After dinner I have a snooze then if I can, I sneak up onto Chris’s lap and try and get a crafty lick in here and there before lights out.

Now you know a bit about me, I will try and write once in a while about the things that happen to me in the shop and maybe outside as well.

Bye for now.  Fidget

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