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BSA R10 SE Cinnamon Fieldmaster

BSA R10 SE Cinnamon Fieldmaster
BSA R10 SE Cinamon Fieldmaster £749 BSA R10 SE Cinnamon Fieldmaster

The BSA R10 SE is available in .22 and .177 carbine. The start of the year is always a busy time for me as the buyer for Ronnie Sunshines as there are two major international trade shows to attend. The first is the Shot Show in Las Vegas, held in early January at the Sands Expo. This monster of a show has over 1600 exhibitors and is pure Stars and Stripes. Then at the beginning of March there's the IWA Outdoor Classic in Nuremberg, Germany, which is very much an old school European affair. While both of these shows have a massively different feel to them their aim is the same, to showcase the best and very latest guns and equipment that are available. From ultra high end European craftsmen to enthusiastic inventors, you will see just about every type of firearm imaginable, including bejewelled custom pistols and quad-bike mounted mini guns. I must confess that while it's obviously awfully hard work (honest) I really look forward to both of these shows as it means as I get to spend day after day looking at and talking about guns, even after all these years I'm still like a kid in sweet shop.

As well as show-casing products these shows also provide dealers, factories, wholesalers and the shooting press with an opportunity to get together and make plans for the year ahead. Sometimes these meetings go on well into the night and are often held in the surrounding hostelries, however such is the stoic dedication with which we embrace our work, we endure.

During one such 'meeting' over supper in the Hüttn (a superb Franconian tavern in Nuremberg's old town that's well worth a visit) with our good friends from BSA and Messrs Price and Doe (editors of Airgunner and Airgun World respectively) we were discussing what we had seen that day. While strolling around with David (the boss) I had noticed an original WWII German Mauser K98 in a laminated stock. This confused us somewhat as we both assumed that the use of laminate for gun stocks was a fairly new development. Not so according to Mr Doe, who is the font of all knowledge and as usual he was right. It turns out the Germans were the first to start making laminated stocks during the second world war, as solid wooden stocks became difficult to obtain. Which just goes to show that every day is a school day!

Walking around the show the following morning (after recovering from the 'meeting') various guns in similar laminate stocks to the Mauser kept catching our eye, such as the Sako 85, Remington 700 VLS and the Lithgow LA102 to name but a few. All these rifles looked so good it begged the question why not an air rifle in the same vain? The idea was born and meeting up again with Simon Moore the MD of BSA we headed over to see the chaps at Minelli. Based in Italy, Minelli produce stocks for many major firearms manufacturers all over the world, could they help us turn our idea into something tangible?

With Michele and Alberto, David and I poured over many samples of laminate, helped by some splendid vino and Pecorino cheese (another grueling afternoon). Finally we saw the one we were hoping to find, the one that perfectly captured the rugged style of a rifle that's already seen a life of dependable service. We knew it straight away when we found it, a smooth, cinnamon laminate with a wonderful contrast of natural colours. We then looked at different finishes before settling on an oiled one as it really enhances those colours, subtlety drawing them out and adding to that luxurious, weathered feel. We are so happy with it that this laminate is now secured exclusively for Ronnie Sunshines, for our sole use with the BSA factory.

R10 cinnamon BSA R10 Cinnamon Laminate

With stock material selected we just needed an action to go in it and as luck would have it BSA had just the thing. Still a bit of a secret at the time Simon had shown us the new R10 SE that was due to be released at the Northern Shooting show in May. It was a match made in heaven and the timing was perfect. The previous R10 MKII was our biggest selling PCP year after year and it carved out an excellent reputation among both field and range users. The new SE aimed to build on this success with enhancements designed to allow the shooter to optimize the rifle to suit their requirements, such as a configurable shroud with enhanced silencer capabilities. This allows the barrel shroud to be fitted or removed very easily to suit, it also makes it twice as quiet as the previous Bull Barreled variant. A multi-adjustable butt pad had also been developed that has both lateral and vertical adjustment. There are performance improvements as well, with a new regulator that delivers a 15% increase in shots per fill, taking it to 250 in .22. There is also a new trigger function that now breaks even cleaner than before. We had no doubts that the new R10 SE would continue where it's predecessor left off. In fact the only issue we had was that it was so well thought out and built, it was hard to see what we could do to it that would actually make it any better. Sure we could change some factory parts for expensive custom bits but the standard parts work so well together it would have been pointless. A pure R10 SE super carbine it is then.

We were nearly there with just the finishing touches to be agreed such as the rich dark rosewood heel-cap and bottle mount surround. We also wanted some custom stock chequering, not only to enhance the look and provide some grip but also to be a little different from a standard, smooth BSA laminated stock. Finally we just needed a name. I'm not sure where Fieldmaster came from but it perfectly sums up this stunning yet practical rifle and it's now laser etched onto every receiver, crowning this highly desirable rifle.

The Cinnamon Fieldmaster is made in England, in small numbers, and we are making it available it in these great value options:

cinnamon fieldmaster Cinnamon Fieldmaster - Gun only

Gun Only - The style of stock on this rifle is usually only seen on high spec' centerfire rifles from producers such as Sako and Remington. It's a refined, smooth, Birch laminate known as cinnamon and the reason it's so popular in the full bore market is that it perfectly captures the rugged style of a hunting rifle that's already seen a life of dependable service. The contrast between the natural colours is just outstanding and the oiled finish really enhances them, subtlety drawing them out and adding to that luxurious, weathered feel. The Fieldmaster is a pure and untouched R10 SE Super Carbine which has received nothing but praise since it's release. It really is the complete rifle, so much so that it was hard to see what enhancements could be made that would actually make it any better. The only addition we have made is the custom chequering on the pistol grip and fore stock and that just crowns off this highly desirable rifle.

Cinnamon Fieldmaster r10-lam Cinnamon Fieldmaster - Combo Kit

Combo Kit - The simple kit pairs the R10 SE Cinnamon Fieldmaster with the tried and tested BSA EMD 6-24x50 scope which has all the essential features including, variable magnification, a front adjustable objective lens and a illuminated mil-dot reticle. This kit also includes a quality BSA scope mounts, padded BSA QD sling, a logo'd BSA slip and two magazines.

Please visit Ronnie Sunshines for more details.

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    This gun looks amazing and what a beautiful stock, real genius. Such a shame that it's not BSA optics and Sling.

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