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Fish Smoker

Fish Smoker

Fish_Smoker_2Here's a way to get the best from your catch! Get a Fish Smoker - put in some fish, leave it to smoke with the wood kindling for a wee wile and hey presto - dinner! It’s perfect for picnics, at home, riverbank and also for other food like smoked cheese and meats. Light the two meths burners, sprinkle some sawdust on the base of the smoker, add your food and put the lid on. That’s it. There’s room for two 3-lb trout, which would take about 15 minutes to cook through. Steak and other meats taste great cooked this way too. This model is stainless steel, so resists corrosion much better than cheaper imitations. For transport, all the components stow inside the mainFish_Smoker compartment.
Really simple to use, works great with trout and easy to clean.
Buy your Fish Smoker from our Ronnie Sunshines web site Below:
Fish Smoker For £29.99

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