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Frontier Camp Stove

Frontier Camp Stove

Frontier StoveThought we better had start loading our new storage space with some new stock... So first to be added to the racking is a product we have admired for a while now and you may have come accross in the past. The classic bit of kit that is the Frontier Stove is now available online and instore (plus you earn around £5 worth of Ronnie's Rewards points ehrn purchased from our website!) Frontier Stove £129.99
The stove is ideal outdoors on a campsite (or inside a fire resistant tent with an extra flashing kit sold seporatly) or where an open fire is not permitted. Despite its' sturdiness, it is surpisingly compact and portable too. All the parts fit neatly into the firebox, so when on the move it is easy to take with you and putting it back together again is much simpler than any piece of flat pack furniture. It was originally designed to be used in disaster zones, where practicality, ease of use and efficiency were of upmost importance. This is why we feel that it is such a great piece of high quality workmanship compliments any outdoor adventure without detracting from it.
It features a stove, hotplate, carrying handle, handy tool bar for utensils and equiptment, chimney, ember tray and secure sturdy legs ensuring whether you use it for heating or cooking; it stays where it is meant to.
So why not come down to the store to admire it and we can give you the guided tour of it. What with the good weather we have been having (here's hoping I havent jinxed it) a stove like this is an essential item that will get you through the warmer and -most probable- colder months whether at home, camping with the family or out on your own adventures.

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