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Gamo Phox - Complete Starter PcP Air Rifle Kit

Gamo Phox - Complete Starter PcP Air Rifle Kit

Since the 1960’s Gamo has been making a name for itself as a high quality air gun manufacturer. This year, 2016, they have added to this legacy with the release of the all new Phox Rifle, which is available in a fantastic all-in-one rifle/pump pack.

In making the Phox, Gamo capitalized on many of the features of its cousin, the ever popular Coyote air rifle.  The features they carried from the Coyote into the Phox include: the bolt action, the 10-shot magazine and SAT adjustable two stage trigger (great for shooters who want to feel a crisp second-stage break).

The Gamo Phox does, however, have primarily three main differences from the Coyote. The first and most obvious difference is that they Phox has an integral Whisper silencer. Coupled with a 115mm shorter barrel than the Coyote, the Whispers silencer reduces the “crack” sound of firing while keeping the Phox short enough to be easily maneuvered in tight spaces.

The second difference is the Phox’s shortened air cylinder. Gamo has managed to reduce the cylinder’s size without reducing the number of shots per charge. Just like the Coyote’s, the Phox’s shortened cylinder still provides the shooter with approx 60 shots per full charge. The final difference is the new synthetic stock which is ambidextrous so works well for both right and left-handed shooters.  While this may not affect the main body of target shooters and hunters, it is vital for our left-handed friends and for those of us who like the challenge of off-hand shooting.
The Gamo Phox’s features make it a great choice for anyone interested in PCP ownership. The addition of a 10-shot magazine, 3-9x40 mounted scope, pump and slip make the Phox the all-in-one package for a new PCP shooter. Take a closer look at the package here

Complete Air Rifle Package Phox

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