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Jamie Oliver Discovers Dutch Oven Cooking

Jamie Oliver Discovers Dutch Oven Cooking

Last night I tuned into the second episode of Jamie's American Roadtrip, In which Jamie steps into the Wild West states of Wyoming and Montana to find out what life as a cowboy is really like. What thrilled me was that throughout the program he cooked in Dutch Ovens or (Cowboy Ovens) as they're sometimes referred to.  He cooks for proper cowboys, the proper cowboy way, over an open fire using dutch ovens. Jamie said “when they had good ingredients the actual styles of cooking they used – like slow cooking in dutch ovens over open fire or spit roasting – would have given the food they did cook amazing flavours and textures.” Jamie spent his time at a rodeo in Cody, before heading upstate into the mountains to try and cut it on a working cattle ranch. He then rides out into the wilderness and even sleeps rough under the stars!

If you missed the episode you can watch it again online on the CH4 website Here

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