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Airgun Charging Bottle/Cylinder Refills

UPDATE-- During Covid We can still refill cylinders all we ask is that you purchase this refill service online selecting instore collection. We'll than notify you when you can visit us to fill your bottle while you wait.

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Air Rifle Bottle Refill Service 

Good News! – Here at Ronnie Sunshines, we have an air rifle bottle refill service. Browse around our store in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire until your bottle is refilled.Airgun Charging Bottle Refill

The service we provide

Have an empty air rifle charging cylinder? Bring it to the store and we can fill the air rifle cylinder up while you wait for £6.50. We can fill up any size cylinder up to 300 bar.

What is an Air Rifle Charging cylinder?

An air rifle charging cylinder is known by a few different names, (Dive tanks, bottle or cylinders) but never the less they are all the same. You can get these cylinders in different sizes such as the three different ones we do. The cylinder enables you to store air for your air rifle so you can use your rifle without it running out after shooting a few magazines.

Cylinders we have available

We have the cylinders in 3 ltr5 ltr and 7 ltr. The size differences meaning that you are going to be able to refill your air rifle more times. Generally speaking customers tend to go for the 5 ltr cylinder.

What can I do once the cylinder is refilled?

Charging Cylinders Now it’s time for some fun, The cylinder is refilled meaning you can now go and shoot some air rifle targets because you have the air to do so. Why not come and visit our range here at Ronnie Sunshines. A 3 range indoor air rifle range in Berkhamsted. Bring your own air rifle and shoot away down our 20 metre air rifle range with over 100 targets to shoot at.

To sum up, we provide this refill service for only £6.50. Bring your cylinder to the store and we will be happy to help.

Comment down below what size cylinder you guys use and what you think is the best as we would be interested to know.

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