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Kral NP02 | PCP Air Rifle Review

Whether you’re looking for a new air rifle to spice up your target shooting, or you’re on the hunt for a nice hunting air rifle, the Kral Puncher NP-02 might be the perfect gun for you. The Puncher NP-02 offers a wonderful amount of performance in a budget-friendly package. The PCP action of the Puncher is one of the greatest features of this air rifle, and it’s one of the reasons that this airgun has become one of the most popular in the market. PCP actions provide users with great accuracy and powerful performance using any type of pellet. You should consider a PCP action if you are looking for a gun that provides more time shooting and less time spent refilling your airgun. If you’re looking for an airgun that can fulfill your needs and provide you a great value, the Kral Puncher NP-02 could be the air rifle with the best features for you. This air rifle has become one of the most in-demand air rifles on the market, and for good reason. Keep reading for a description of the many features that the Kral Puncher NP-02 Air Rifle comes with!

If you’re looking for an airgun that represents a great value, while still possessing many great features, consider the Puncher NP-02. The Kral features a 12.6 inch rifled barrel with an included muzzle brake. The barrel is very accurate and consistent, which is a great feature of the Puncher NP-02. The barrel is threaded with half-inch UNF threads so that you can attach whatever muzzle device you want to your Kral. The power adjuster on the Puncher allows you to adjust the energy from almost nothing to 12 ft/lbs. That’s very important, as it allows you to change your gun to suit any needs you have, from target shooting to hunting. 

The Kral Puncher NP-02 features a side cocking lever for a quick reload time, which cuts down on your time between shots. The air rifle comes with a scope rail that is machined into the action, providing for a very stable mounting system. Every airgun enthusiast loves a crisp, adjustable two-stage trigger that is silky smooth. The trigger is very nice, and it aids the shooter in accuracy. No airgun is complete without a stock that provides comfort, practicality, and ruggedness. The Turkish Walnut stock on the Kral Puncher is beautifully finished and provides great usability. It also comes with an adjustable butt pad, allowing the user to customize the gun to their specific length of pull. The bullpup style of this stock is excellent for providing a lightweight, yet very maneuverable air rifle, without sacrificing the durability and ruggedness of the design.

The gun has a total length of 30 inches and weighs right around 6.5 pounds. Kral decided to offer the Puncher in both .177 and .22 calibre. The magazine capacity is 14 for .177 calibre and 12 for .22 calibre. The Kral Puncher NP-02 has an excellent air capacity of 200 for .22 and 170 for .177 calibre. These specifications are great, as you will be able to spend more time shooting, and less time reloading the magazines and the air. 

The Kral Puncher NP-02 is loaded with excellent features and is an excellent bullpup-style air rifle. Regardless of what specific features you’re looking for in an air rifle, the NP-02 is the perfect combination of practicality, quality, and affordability. Airgun enthusiasts are in love with this rifle, as we’ve seen at Ronnie Sunshines. This air rifle has become one of the most popular ones that we have in stock, and for good reason! This is a lot of airgun for the money, and everyone at Ronnie Sunshines knows that this air rifle will serve you well.

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