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Ronnie Sunshine's Royal British Legion Rifle Raffle Raises £4,520

This Sunday the 11th of November is Remembrance Sunday and Armistice day. This year it commemorates 100 years since the end of the First World War. Sadly WWI was not the war to end all wars and since many of our soldiers have lost their lives or suffered physical or mental injuries serving our nation. As ever they need our help and support.

Here at Ronnie Sunshines we decided that we would like to do something to raise money for The Royal British Legion. Chris our gunsmith at the time took up the challenge. As you can see he built the most amazing BSA Scorpion that you will ever see, not only does the air rifle look fantastic but with lots of clever internal tinkering, it shoots as well as it looks.

We then called up Jamie Ransome, the Sales Director at Hawke Optics, and he kindly donated a fabulous Airmax scope and mounts to the cause, we also added in a sling, bi-pod and an air rifle hard case. As this gun is completely unique we found it very hard to put a value on it but we estimated that if you were to commission one then £3,500 might just about cover it.

We settled on the idea of a raffle and at £20 per ticket we could not believe the response or the generosity of our customers, and we raised a staggering £4,520. To all those who brought tickets we can not thank you enough.

Jamie drew out the lucky winner's ticket and a Mr Duncan Cooke from Abbott's Langley was totally gob-smacked on hearing he had won the air rifle, proclaiming that he had actually forgotten about it, and that this was the first time he had ever won anything! Congratulations again Duncan.

We then spoke with our old friend Terry Doe, Editor in Chief of Airgun World Magazine. We asked him if he would be kind enough and come over and present theairgun prize to the lucky winner. Without hesitation he said it would be an absolute honour and last Thursday we all came together and Duncan was presented with his gun. Terry being the absolute gentleman that he is, spent the next couple of hours with Duncan on our gun range, imparting some of his lifetime's knowledge and experience though a one on one air rifle shooting master class.


Please keep your eyes open for the full story in the next issue of Airgun World Magazine.

Once again, a massive thank you for to everyone who purchased a ticket.

Wear your Poppy with Pride.

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