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5 Reasons why Nitesite should be your night vision partner this season | Ronnie Sunshines

5 Reasons why Nitesite should be your night vision partner this season | Ronnie Sunshines

Whilst the short days and long nights of winter have passed for a while, there’s no reason why you can’t make the most of night vision equipment this spring. We’ve put together a list of reasons why you should take Nitesite out in the field with you during the warmer months.

In the UK, it’s illegal to hunt deer, game, birds and hares, one hour after sunset to one hour before sunrise. In general, night shooting is intended for population control of predators, like foxes – or pests.

So what makes Nitesite a suitable night shooting companion?

Wide range
For starters, Nitesite has a range of systems designed to accommodate your required range of vision:

The Nitesite Viper is designed to be the most affordable, high quality device on the market. It has an identification range of up to 100 metres (110 yards) and can be operated for up to 7.5 hours, making it
suitable for night time pest control, and perfect for short-range distances.

The Wolf is the middle model, with an identification range of 300 meters (330 yards). It has a 7-hour operational run time and delivers high quality, clear vision for night shooting. In comparison, the Nitesite Eagle – the top of the range model – can operate for up to 27 hours and has an identification range of 500 metres (550 yards), meaning that no matter what your vision or working-time requirements, there is a system to accommodate you.

Time saving systems
One thing the Ronnie Sunshines team love about the Nitesite night vision range is how quick each product is to assemble. The Viper, Wolf and Eagle all have a simple, 60 second set up, allowing you to be up and running and night shooting in no time – with no need to re-zero!

User Friendly
The Nitesite kits have earned the title of one the most user friendly kits on the market. They are extremely easy to use by simply attaching them to your scope to switch from day to night mode: an innovative way to help you shoot at night.

Nitesite systems are simple to fit and will attach to any scope, meaning you have the freedom to choose and build up your equipment without worrying about the night vision add ons. They don’t require any ambient light, so are completely suitable for shooting in the dark, and the systems in the range all use a built in infra-red camera to transmit views onto an LED screen.

The adaptability of these scopes is excellent and is just one of the reasons why Nitesite is a great night shooting partner.

Great value
Finally, probably the most attractive quality of the Nitesite night vision range, is the price. It’s no secret that the Viper is intended to be the most affordable yet high quality device available, and this is part of the reason that the Nitesite kits have become increasingly popular.
Not only are they available at low prices, the kits have a broad range of features included, making them great value for money.

For example, the Viper kit includes* –
• 1 x Camera module
• 1 x LCD screen & illuminator module
• 1 x Scope clamp 25mm
• 1 x Scope clamp 30mm
• 1 x Recoil clamp
• 2 x Scope sleeves
• 1 x Lithium Ion Battery
• 1 x Mains Battery charger
• 1 x Black Carry case
• 1 x Pack screen filters
• 1 x Instruction booklet
• 1 x 2 Year warranty card
*Available when purchased from Ronnie Sunshines.

To find out more about how Nitesite can help you with your night vision shooting, view our Nitesite range or talk to one of our expert team.


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