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Dutch Oven Recipe: Ronnies' Stout & Fruit Soda Bread | Ronnie Sunshines

Dutch Oven Recipe: Ronnies' Stout & Fruit Soda Bread | Ronnie Sunshines

As part of Dutch Oven Week, here's one of our favourite articles from when we attended the Bushcraft Show, for a great recipe: Stout & Fruit Soda Bread. We love to see our customers enjoy their Dutch Oven products so make sure you send your recipes, tips and pictures!

If you visited us at the Bushcraft Show you may have seen me cooking up a feast of Dutch Oven delights. It was great to speak to so many people who have already been cooking with Dutch Ovens and it was even better to introduce new people to this much overlooked way of cooking up some of the most fantastic food you will ever taste. One of the most popular things I cooked over the weekend was a new bread recipe I was trying out using a stout beer. As I was not making bread in the traditional way with yeast I found that the beer added back some of the yeast type flavour that we are accustomed to, but without having to knead the bread or wait for it to rise. I made up quite a few loafs which all disappeared very quickly, followed by many compliments. It was also a real joy to see the surprise on people faces when I lifted the lid from the oven and there was a lovely warm fresh loaf (that anyone can make). So as promised here is the recipe for you all to try out...

4 Big overflowing handfuls off strong wholemeal flour
4 Big overflowing handfuls off strong plain flour
1 Big overflowing handful off sugar (caster is better, granulated will do)
2 Heaped Table spoons of backing powder
3 Good pinches of salt
2 Big overflowing handfuls of mixed dry fruit.
1 Large egg
Large can of Stout

8 ltr Dutch oven
Large mixing bowl
Large mixing spoon
25cm (10') metal dish
4 pebbles

Add all of the dry ingredients and the egg into the bowl and mix together.

Make a well in the middle of the mix and add some of the stout and mix, carry on mixing the stout in until all the dry ingredients are mixed in and you have a ball of dough that holds it shape. Take the dish and coat it with a layer of dry flour this will stop the bread sticking to the dish, place the bread mix onto the floured dish and sprinkle some sugar on top.

Take the 4 pebbles and place them into the bottom of the Dutch Oven, then place the dish with the bread on top of the pebbles. This will elevate it from the bottom of the Dutch Oven, allowing the air to circulate, helping to prevent the loaf from burning the lower crust.

Place the lid onto the Dutch Oven. In these photos you will see that I used quite a few charcoal briquettes on top and underneath as I did want the oven quite hot.

The cooking time is about 20-25 minutes. Remove the loaf from the oven a allow to cool then enjoy



The best way to test if the bread is cooked is to push a knife into the middle if it pulls out clean then it is ready.

Once you have you basic mix you can experiment so instead off the mixed fruit try some fresh rosemary, or mixed herbs, sliced olives are nice or give some chopped sun dried tomatoes a go.

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