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The Gamo Coyote and Phox Combo - perfect for the newbie to the shooting range

The Gamo Coyote and Phox Combo - perfect for the newbie to the shooting range

Shooting is an enjoyable and addictive pastime, whether you want to shoot purely for the personal challenge of improving your aim or take part in competitions. At Ronnie Sunshines, you’ll find everything you need to get started, including a couple of great PCPs that could make a great first gun.

Choose your rifle

Gamo Coyote Synthetic Kit

One great PCP that could be a good starter for a newbie is the Gamo Coyote Kit . This bolt action rifle is accurate and reliable and features a 10-shot magazine, an integral pressure gauge, and a two-stage trigger. The Coyote comes with a slip bag, pellets and a silencer too.

Gamo Phox Pump Pack 22

Another really good value PCP option and a very cost-effective way to get started is the Gamo Phox pack. The Phox rifle comes with a moderator, scope and mount, a stirrup pump and a rifle slip. The gun is bolt action with a two-stage trigger, and a 10-shot magazine.

Shooting range tips for newbies

Once you’ve chosen your new gun, you’ll need somewhere to practice firing it, and Ronnie Sunshines' three shooting ranges offer you a great choice.

The first thing that must be at the forefront of your mind when attending the shooting range is safety. Staff at the range will give you a full safety briefing on your first visit, but in the meantime, here are four key rules:

1. Always assume that all guns are loaded & therefore dangerous.
2. Never point a gun at another person.
3. Never leave a gun unsupervised.
4. When on the range guns must be kept in a case, slip or bag at all times when not in use.
5. In the event of a gun being taken off the range it is the users responsibility to ensure that the gun is not loaded and that the magazine is removed or the barrel is broken.
6. Never enter the range target/firing area, always ask a member of staff for assistance.

Aside from the fact that it’s much more fun to go to the gun range with a group or with a friend, it’s also much safer for newbies. An experienced range buddy will be able to give you the benefit of their knowledge of safety and range etiquette so your visit will be safer and much more fun, too.

Shooting is great fun and you can maximise your enjoyment as a newbie by following the shooting range tips given above. Both the PCPs mentioned in this post make perfect starter models for the newbie shooter to begin with. The accuracy and ease of use of both these guns make them perfect for the beginner who is still finding their range and honing their technique.

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