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The sun shines on a new chapter for Ronnies....

The sun shines on a new chapter for Ronnies....

Evening All

I've been like a big kid who's been told to keep a secret and is fit to burst but finally I can reveal all! To those of you who have visited our shop; perhaps to browse, ask advice, try out our rifles or attend an open day you may have noticed we don't have the most amount of space. For a good while now we have been keeping an eye out for new premises but have been reluctant to stray far and lose what work we have made on our current warehouse and promoting our location near the beatiful outdoors of the chilterns.

So... when Andrew next door to us announced his company were moving you could imagine the smile on my face and big lightbulb suddenly appearing over my head! A few bits of paperwork and phone calls later and we had acquired next door's unit.

What I'm trying to say is... WE ARE EXPANDING!! HURRAH!

As soon as we got the keys on Monday, the team and I ran in with our hard hats on and sledge hammers in hand. We have started work already on our new home and cannot wait to invite you all in. To summarise, the new store will have:

  • A larger warehouse thus enabling a larger product range for online and shop
  • The original shopfloor being extended to provide a third more shopping space & products
  • A nice WARM office with a radiator (v exciting!)
  • And perhaps most eagerly anticipated... a brand new 20m six lane indoor rifle range
  • Rifle Range lounge area

Over the next few days and weeks we will keep you up to date with various happenings and developments as they happen through this blog. We hope to have the work done by the end of March so there is lots to do as we are finding out already.

So keep following and check in for new updates as they happen

A very excited Ron and Team


Progress Report One

We have the keys, hard hats, labour, tools, local pizza takeaway on speeddial – let's start this!!! Day one was very hands on as we have spent the past few months planning, measuring and calling in experts for new racking, messanine flooring and other structural bits and bobs.

Under the supervision of Little Ron and DIY Expert bob the Builder - aka Pete LJ close behind; Big Ron started demolishing one of the first floor offices and ground floor partitions like a bull in a china shop. Neil and Mark were at hand with expertly made cups of tea and random announcements of dutch oven orders. Sharon our Bookkeeper merely glanced up - muttering something about boys and their toys and carried on number crunching / checking her Facebook.

So week one has so far been labour intensive. Tomorrow we have the racking team coming in and the messanine flooring guys to install the gun range floor extension. Meanwhile still keeping the shop running, orders out and emails answered... Tired allready!

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