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Air Rifles – What Should You Know About Them Before Buying One?

Are you planning to buy an air rifle or an air gun? Is this your first time buying air rifles? If yes then it’s important that you first try to acquire at least some basic knowledge about air rifles, so that you know what to look for and thereby make the right choices when you’re buying your air rifle. 

By definition an air rifle refers to any equipment that uses the air power to fire a pellet specifically designed for airgun shooting. However today the air rifles have come a long way from what they used to be even just a few years ago. You can find a variety of propellant technologies in the air rifles today besides compressed air including but not limited to CO2 gas, spring and gas ram, even alcohol powered rifles. Regardless of the firing technique used, all these are commonly categorized as air rifles. When you gain more knowledge about air rifles it is equally important to have a clear understanding on how to select the right pellets for your air rifle. Let us take a look at different powering systems used in the air rifles today.

The Spring/Piston Model

When compared to the other firing techniques spring and piston is a very old technique used in the air rifles. Their origins could be tracked back to as early as the nineteenth century. In this system, the spring is locked using a lever with a piston positioned in front of the spring. The piston is sealed with leather washer to avoid creating dents on the pellets. The modern day air rifles use toughened plastic rubber instead of leather. The compressed air in the piston is used to propel the pellet out of the barrel when the spring is released. Spring and piston mechanism can be found to be highly reliable as they have very limited moving parts. You can find some spinger air rifles which are more than 100 years old still working without a glitch. 

However all these does not mean that there are no drawbacks with this model. Over a period of time depending on how extensively the air rifle is used the spring power wanes off reducing the power of the air rifle. You may need to approach a skilled gunsmith for spring replacement. You can find spring and piston air rifles at various price points and you can choose one that fits your wallet. 

Large range of Spring Powered air rifles brands

The Gas Ram Model

Another common type of air rifle is the gas ram model which works almost like the spring and piston mechanism but the only difference is that a gas ram is used in place of the spring. This mechanism does not have the drawbacks common to the spring and piston type as this model does not use any spring. These types of air rifles maintain their power levels much longer than the springer air rifles. The gas ram air rifles also come in wide range of prices for you to pick and choose.

The CO2 Model

One of the greatest advantages of the CO2 powered air rifles is that the recoil effect is completely eliminated. If you’ve experienced using air rifles in the past then you’ll know what recoil really means, yes it improves the accuracy levels too. In this model, the pellet is fired by the power of compressed CO2. They come in either 12g capsules or 88g cylinders. When the trigger is pulled the CO2 is released to push the pellet out of the barrel. These air rifles are also quieter when compared to either the springer or gas ram airguns.

While the accuracy level improves with the CO2 air rifles, this type of air rifle has its own set of cons. One of the major drawbacks is that these rifles are temperature sensitive and the power level varies based on the weather. The thrust level will be high during summer and low during the winter. Wide range of CO2 powered air rifles are available in the market today for you to consider. 

Large range of Co2 Powered air rifles brands

The PCP Model

PCP stands for Pre-charged Pneumatic, these rifles are preferred for their higher accuracy levels when compared to all the above air rifles, mentioned above. Here, high pressure air is used to propel the pellets. Pcp air rifles don’t have the temperature sensitivity issue suffered by the CO2 air rifles. Various types of PCP rifles are available online. They come in both single shot and multi shot models. 

The air rifles industry continues to innovate and refine the firing mechanisms to provide the best user experience. They come with many advanced features and you can expect many more new models to be launched soon which is why pcp rifles are by far the best selling air rifle type sold in the UK.

Large range of Pcp air rifles brands

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