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Walther RS Maxus Air Rifle Kit

Walther RS Maxus Air Rifle Kit

We love to create a 'special' here at Ronnie's, they give us an opportunity to use our years of experience and enthusiasm for air guns to bring something slightly different to the market. Some of our combo's are simply bundles of products that we bring together that complement each other and by buying in this manner we can offer great deals for our customers. At the other end of the scale we also produce complete limited edition specials like our legendary RS Platinum, which was built by BSA to our specification. Today I'd like to introduce the RS Maxus, like the Platinum it bears the RS moniker as it's a special edition rifle that is only available through Ronnie Sunshines.

targetAt conception we were aiming to create a hard wearing, quiet and use-able field gun that delivered on accuracy and price but most importantly..wasn't a PCP! When we looked closely at the synthetic stocked, spring or gas ram powered rifles that are available today the options are limited, especially if you want European manufactured quality. So when Armex (The official UK Walther distributor) introduced us to the Terrus we could instantly see the potential. We knew how well this rifle shot, especially for it's price and we could see it just needed a tweak or two to fulfil our brief. We think the enhancements that we have made take this already noteworthy rifle to the next level in terms of its looks and performance.

As you can see from the photos we have succeeded not only in making the RS Maxus a very good looking rifle but we have also produced a gun that can perform with almost PCP like accuracy. The target was shot on our indoor, 20 yard range, resting on a bean bag using standard .177 Webley Accupells. It was shot by a gun 'straight out of the box' by one of our team. There are five shots in this 13mm group so it goes without saying we are very happy with our how did we achieve this?

Firstly we have turned the full length Walther Terrus it into a carbine, reducing it's barrel length by 108mm (4¼'') and then re-crowning it. This saves weight and also makes the gun easier to handle. The man responsible for this was Macaulay Taylor, a young up and coming gunsmith working under the watchful eye of Roy Baird -formally of Venom Custom Rifles and Westley Richards. Then we added a Trueflight Backdraft moderator. This is a reflex type mod' which keeps the overall length of the rifle down while it's large internal volume delivers outstanding noise reduction. The large diameter of the 'can' also spreads the load across your hand when cocking the gun, making it feel as if very little effort is required.
As well as Walther Maxus Triggerlooking serious and feeling great, this moderator also adds weight at the muzzle which dampens the flip arising from recoil. It also balances the rifle really nicely, so much so that when it's scoped up, the balance point is just 140mm forward of the trigger at a key point in the ergonomic fore grip. The synthetic stock itself is substantial, tough and intricately textured and it soaks up the recoil generated from the full power spring very well. We haven't had to touch the trigger as the standard XT trigger unit is very good indeed, this was one of the reasons we chose the Terrus. In general, trigger units are where cost savings are often made during the design and production process, so to find one of this quality at this price point was amazing. I can only assume it has come about as Walther go all out to really consolidate their position in the market. The XT unit is a two stage trigger with a progressive first stage which is adjustable for travel to suit your taste. The first stage is just soft enough, while the release is crisp and wonderfully precise. There is also an auto-engaging safety catch that sits on the receiver.

When it came to adding an optic we have paired this outstanding rifle with a Hawke Vantage+ 3-9x50 AO IR. This cracking scope was selected for it's amazing cost to performance ratio, plus it has all the features required to deliver results either in the field or on the range. Features include an adjustable objective lens, to correct for parallax, a 50mm lens for great light gathering and a Bi-colour illuminated Mil-dot reticle. It comes supplied with Hawke double screw mounts.

So if you need a rifle for those tough jobs that are in a tough places, on a wet days, then we may have the answer. Come in to one of our stores and try one, you won't be disappointed, we'll even throw in a padded rifle slip all for an amazing £299. Walther Maxus Kit

Since writing the first part of this blog we have been letting some of our regular range customers try the RS Maxus and this is what Paul Hodgson had to say after shooting it, and just to prove it wasn't a fluke check his target out!

Whist at Ronnie's in Berkhamsted I was having a look around the before heading upstairs to the range and I noticed a target on the wall by the combo outfits. I noticed the card was shot by Neil and had a nice grouping but I couldn't believe that he'd used a springer, after a bit of banter the challenge was set. I was handed the same rifle and told to try it out, to be honest I really wasn't expecting too much from a plastic stocked springer. I put six .177 pellets into the target, the group was all centre bull and all within 10mm. What a big surprise, the rifle was deadly accurate, well balanced, and a real pleasure to shoot and I couldn't believe the price. -

Paul Hodgson 28th February 2016.

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