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Week two & half a gun range later...

Week two & half a gun range later...

We got a bit of a breather this week as the trades came in meaning we could crack on with sorting through stock and releasing heavily discounted products onto the website. The mezzanine floor which will form half of the gun range was installed (in one day!!), the sparks came in and wired us all up and the office took shape. We wont mention the racking as that's still work in progress...

Cant believe the speed of which the floor was installed. Neil poked his head around the corner in the morning to let the flooring guys in. 9 hours computer gazing and pellet firing at little Ronnie later he couldnt believe it when he saw a whole new floor installed. Promised we wouldnt mention his little jig of joy... Oops

As heartening as it is to see so much done in 5 days we do still have a long way to go. Racking is certainly a priority next week, alongside a false wall to separate the gun range from the warehouse and wiring in a new generator to fill customers dive bottles with compressed air on tap.

Off to put my feet up.

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