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3ltr PCP Airgun Charging Bottle - 300 Bar

3ltr PCP Airgun Charging Bottle - 300 Bar
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These bottles are rated to 300 Bar and come supplied with valve, integrated dry gauge, bleed system, a fitted rubber boot and a choice of standard or braided 50cm hose. The hose assembly and Din adaptor are produced by Hydro Tech and include a removable air-flow restrictor, they are also fitted with a with a 1/8” BSP connector that will accept nearly all modern airgun filling adaptors.

The air-flow restrictor is clever piece of innovation that protects your gun from damage if you accidentally fill it too quickly. Most charging systems have this in some form, usually within the cylinder itself, however this external system has some advantages. Firstly when you are confident you can remove it allowing you to fill your gun in less time. Also the bottle itself takes less time to fill on the compressor and finally the restrictor itself will never stick open or closed which can result in the cylinder needing specialist attention.


Constructed from lightweight steel with a chrome-plated brass valve, these bottles only need to be tested every 5 years and will provide approx 16 fills to a standard 80 shot per fill gun operating down to 100 bar.


Our Bottle and Hose Options

Option 1: 50cm Standard micro bore high pressure hose.

Option 2: 50cm hose with braided nylon outer for strength and flexibility, this hose will never need to be replaced as it will not permanently kink.

Option 3: Full Kit includes 50cm braided hose as standard, camo/black reversible neoprene cylinder cover and carry handle.

Charging bottles are shipped empty due to shipping courier requirements


Hydro Tech
Fill Count (Approx):
16 Fills - (Standard 80 shot per fill gun)
36cm High - 14cm Width
Whats Included:
Rubber Boot Stand, Unique Flow Restrictor

3ltr pcp gas filling bottle is good quality, and delivered on time very happy
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3ltr pcp gas filling bottle is good quality, and delivered on time very happy
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