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FX 4 Stage Airgun Charging Pump

FX 4 Stage Airgun Charging Pump
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This is the advanced FX Turbo 4 Stage Airgun Hand Pump, this is the FX flagship stirrup pump that delivers bigger and better features than the rest.

This FX Turbo pump boasts a 4 Stage patented air system that has a completely unique gearing system that gives the user the opportunity to gear down when the going gets tough. Any user can choose if they want high volume (300 cc) with lower pressure Or low volume (200 cc) with higher pressure. This FX pump has moulded hand grips and an easy read pressure gauge for ease of use.

This pump has a sturdy feel about it that gives the user an air of durability and reliability. It may not be the cheapest pump on the market but it is CERTAINLY one of the best.

FX Turbo Pump Features:
4 Stage Mechanism
Pressure gauge
Moisture trap
Particle filter (replaceable)
Bleed valve.
Unique Gearing system
Hose With Universal 1/8" connector
Easy to use


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