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Gamo Varmint Swarm Tactical

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If you are looking for a bull barreled, tactical styles air rifle, look no further than the Varmint Swarm Tactical. This 10-shot air rifle will treat you very well, as its a very accurate offering from Gamo. The bull barrel has noise suppression technology as well, great for pest control & target shooters trying to keep the noise levels down. The stock on this rifle is made with utility in mind. If you want an air rifle that you can pick up and start shooting immediately, this is your airgun.

This break-barreled rifle comes equipped with a 4x32 scope. This scope is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to have to adjust their scope’s focus. You simply pick this rifle up and have 4x magnification. The Varmint Swarm Tactical is everything that an airgun enthusiast will need from their air rifle.

Supllied with 1 x 10 shot mag, why not purchase yourself a gun bag & pellets to complete your kit!


Whats Included:
Gamo 3-9x40 Scope & Mounts

Rifle Specification

1 x 10 shot
Break Barrel Spring


Gamo has taken the break-action design and blown it out of the water. The Gamo Swarm range of Air Rifles feature a revolutionary 10 shot magazine, which means you'll not have to worry about reloading for 10 shots. 
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