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Exploding Air Rifle Targets

Firebird Exploding Airgun Targets

Thought only the guys in the States enjoyed the coolest shooting stuff? Looks like we've one-upped them this time. Now available are these Firebird exploding, reactive air rifle targets. These affordable pyrotechnic targets are ready-to go right out of the box & making a fantastic if not unique Christmas gift for any Air Rifle enthusiast. Simply take the target disc magnetic holder out of the box, and screw it to a target frame, pop in one of the supplied 10 target disc & your off. Once hit with an air rifle pellet, the exploding target ignites with a loud BANG & cloud of smoke.

Available here for just £9.99 Firebird Exploding Targets

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These targets are specifically designed for use with air rifles and when they are hit with a pellet they ignite and...
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