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Hawke Sidewinder 10-50x60 (20xTMX)


This addition to Sidewinder range of rifle scopes sits right at the top. It still uses the super strong 30mm mono tube to house it's fully multi-coated (18 layer) optical system but due to it's massive magnification range there are some significant differences inside and out.

Lens- extra-low dispersion glass has been used for optimum clarity and sharpness, crucial at high magnification. These grade A lenses have been designed exclusively for the 5x ratio optical system and are precision ground to exacting specifications. They are also index matched to each other which further improves the optical characteristics. The huge amount of internal light that is gathered is subsequently controlled by an anti-reflective tube coating that ensures the brightest image with no ‘white-out’ or stray light reaching the eye.
Reticle-the TMX reticle was developed for long range target shooting and around the common principles of Mil-Dot spacing (when magnification is set to 20x). Allowing for 8 mil spacing of hold-over to the outer edge of the field of view, along with 3 mil spacing of windage in each direction. The grid formation features etched reference numbers for ease of use and offers a clear target view due to the use of fine dots. Each cross has a see-through gap, allowing an unobstructed view of the target. The TMX is a versatile reticle that provides aim points no matter how extreme the conditions.Interchangeable turrets- allow for changing between ¼ MOA to either ⅛ MOA or 1⁄10 MRAD to suit your shooting preference. Supplied with 1/4 MOA turrets incorporating a locking mechanism. These patented turrets can be removed and exchanged for optional turrets with different click values while keeping the scope gas tight.
Stepless Illumination- precise control of the reticle illumination with the stepless rheostat positioned at 45° on the ocular.

With a high spec' coil erector spring used to provide stability during recoil and these scopes are suitable for all firearms calibres and they are waterproof, shockproof, fog proof and covered by the Hawke worldwide warranty.

10-50 Variable Magnification
60mm Objective lens
Reticle; TMX
Optional 4” side wheel for adjusting the objective lens focus
Parallax from 10 yards to infinity
Resettable, locking, Interchangeable turrets. (Supplied with 1/4 MOA turrets)
Red, stepless, Illuminated reticle
Adjustable ocular focus with anti-recoil lock ring
A non slip zoom ring with raised thumb bump for a positive action
Supplied with 4” long sunshade screw in lens covers
Finished in a dark matt black to prevent reflections
Length: 458mm
Weight: 980g


Available Reticles:
Hawke Optics
Tube Diameter:

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