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Daystate Mk6 Reflex Silencer for Mk4 & Huntsman

Daystate Mk6 Reflex Silencer for Mk4 & Huntsman
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The Mk6 is an updated version of the lightweight Airstream reflex silencer, which is shorter and lighter than the earlier Mk4. Unlike most silencers that screw onto the end of the muzzle and increase the length of the rifle, this is a reflex type moderator, which means half of its length slips backwards over the barrel. The air escaping from the muzzle is then defused towards the back of the silencer while any air still travelling forward behind the pellet travels over a series of baffles.

Designed specificity for the Daystate Huntsman & Mk4


Material: Carbon Fibre

Weight: 90g
Length: 150mm
Diameter: 30mm
Length covering the barrel: 67mm
Silencer extension length: 83mm
Barrel diameter requirement: 20mm